Troubador Cobalt!

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838593551

eISBN: 9781838595982

Format: Paperback/eBook

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What’s in a name? When a young geologist stumbles across what looks like to most a greyish rock with blue tints, he knows he has something precious on his hands. Although it looks common, as soon as the name ‘cobalt’ is applied, it suddenly becomes eminently more valuable. Valuable enough even to potentially be the salvation of a poor African state still recovering in the aftermath of a tsunami. And valuable enough to be the source of danger for all that come across it…

Kevin Forsythe, an English civil servant and a Shakespearian scholar, has one ambition: to retire to a life of pink gin and solitude. But when Pete, his young friend, shows him his rare find, it unintentionally sets in motion events that mean Kevin becomes the unlikely lynch-pin to the country’s salvation. Uncovering corporate greed and selfishness, international drug smuggling and terrorism, political corruption and the heart-breaking plight of desperately poor children, Kevin has no choice but to help. With only Pete and a British consultant with a track record of being a reluctant hero to aid him, Kevin must weave through the political web of danger that has slowly spun around him before the fly in the ointment becomes the fly that gets snapped up. 

The Hwanung Solution - being published by Matador Publishing October 2017.

The Acionna Projects published by Austin Macauley 2016.

The Final Shah Mat self published via Amazon in 2014

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David  Middleton

David Middleton

Becoming 70 was a shock. Mentally still stuck in the late 40’s or even early 50’s, to reach 70 took me by surprise. But wear and tear of bodily mechanics encouraged me to “retire” since when I have “only” been involved with novel writing, jointly leading an annual conference and exhibition, and trying to develop a low carbon community project.

In 2014, after nearly 20 years, we closed down our business. Environmental Business Communications. (EBC) had, apart from anything else, managed business networks linked to the values of sustainable development. The Urban Renewal Foundation (TURF, for which I was Secretary General) promoted on-site land clean up. The Midlands Environmental Business Club (MEBC) I helped form in 1999 and became its CEO. For the final 13 years we also managed the UK branch of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD-UK) of which I was its CEO.

DMC – David Middleton Communications, preceded EBC. Amongst other things I helped create a programme that we ran in 33 countries around the world for two years, “banging the drum for Brum” –promoting the City of Birmingham. Involving British Ambassadors and the like, “Birmingham Invites You” was staged in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Washington, New York, Chicago and many other cities including all over mainland Europe. Central to it was a major audio visual show which used 1,300 35mm slides in 13 minutes, projected onto a 60 feet wide screen. It took a tonne and a half of equipment to present it and involved a team of amazing technicians.

PKH – Pender Kenning and Holt, was a conference production and staging company and audio visual production company I helped form with production director John Watson and technical director Ian Ewan. Amongst other things we staged the Birmingham bid to the IOC in Switzerland.

HCPR – Harrison Cowley Public Relations was then part of the Saatchi and Saatchi Group. Based in its Birmingham office, I became an Associate Director and was involved in a number of accounts including Renault UK.

ITF – Industrial and Trade Fairs was then the largest independent exhibition organising company in the world. It moved from London to Birmingham to co-incide with the launch of the National Exhibition Centre in which I was much involved in its pre-launch promotion. I was PR Manager for ITF and involved in major exhibitions in Earls Court, Olympia and the NEC.

MSPS – Motor Sports Press Service I launched and ran for a number of years. It combined my love of motor sport with that of writing and photography and tried to create a commercial opportunity out of these passions. During that period I wrote for Autosport, Motoring News, several national newspapers, the Birmingham Post, Radio BRMB and others. I was PR for Shelseley Walsh Hill Climb. For two years we ran a monthly tabloid newspaper called Midland Motorscope before selling it to a Wolverhampton business that collapsed before we got our money! With ex racer John Rhodes we helped launch Dealer Opel Team into the UK.

WMP – West Midlands Press where I cut my journalistic teeth on the broadsheet, hot metal press weekly newspaper, the Walsall Observer. I did a spell on the Birmingham Mail and frequently provided reports and photographs of motorsport events to the Birmingham Post which eventually gave rise to the launch of MSPS.

Two children - Anthony and Caroline and grandchildren April, Katie, Libby and Freddie.

Married longsuffering but amazingly supportive wife Jen in 1967.

Born and educated in Birmingham

David Middlerton - writer
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