Troubador Car Wheels on a Gravel Drive

Released: 28/03/2016

ISBN: 9781785891953

Format: Paperback

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Car Wheels on a Gravel Drive


Jeremy Halliday’s idyllic new life in South-West France comes to a shocking end when gendarmes arrive to tell him his partner Julia’s body has been found in her burnt out car. In the ensuing murder investigation, Jeremy becomes the chief suspect when the investigating judge discovers that he has withheld important, and incriminating, information. For Jeremy, it becomes painfully reminiscent of an investigation in London six years earlier which cast a shadow over his relationship and his career. This time he decides to prove his innocence by doing some investigating of his own.

An intriguing murder mystery with many unexpected twists. Suspense is built up steadily as the story moves through the blighted career of Jeremy Halliday. Some truly harrowing passages. Highly recommended.

by H M Carlisle

This is a good holiday read. The murder plot is intriguing and well developed and the main character's problems at home and at work make for a credible background to what happens. I enjoyed it.

by S Robertshaw

Interesting book. Well written. Great twist at the end.
Suzi (Goodreads *****)

by Suzi

This was a suspenseful and well-written mystery. Jeremy and Julia move to France to start a new life together until Julia breaks up with Jeremy and is murdered, leaving Jeremy as the main suspect.
I liked the way that a scandal from Jeremy's past was woven into the story to cast doubt upon his character and leave the reader wondering. The way that Jeremy and Julia's relationship unfolded seemed realistic and their characters were engaging. i really got into it and read it at one sitting.

by Rose

Stephen Goldenberg

I was born in London and have lived there most of my life. I studied for a law degree at Oxford University but subsequently decided to train to be a secondary school English and Media Studies teacher. I taught in inner London comprehensives until taking early retirement to concentrate on my writing.

During my teaching career, I co-edited and wrote articles for a radical education magazine, edited and produced teaching books and materials for schools' television and edited two books of teaching resources for Hutchinsons. I contributed stories to a publication Teachers as Writers and to Waterfront, a writers' magazine published by Waterman's Art Centre. I also wrote occasional articles for other educational publications including the TES and contributed to broadcasts on Radio 4. In the mid-1980s I wrote a novel, The Lesson, which received some positive feedback. I self-published my second novel, Stony Ground, a few years ago.

I now divide my time between London and an old stone house in South-Western France which I've renovated with my partner. My next novel will be set in London and South-West France.

As well as writing, I'm an avid reader and enjoy walking, cycling, cinema and theatre-going and watching football.

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