Troubador Blood Money

Released: 12/09/2014

eISBN: 9781784627737

Format: eBook

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Blood Money


One man risks everything to stop a megalomaniac city banker and his psychopathic bodyguard...

Following an armed kidnapping attempt in the heart of the Square Mile, police detective John Gibson is tasked with interviewing the victim of the crime, ultra-rich hedge fund manager Alexis Vasilakos and his highly intimidating bodyguard. A prodigy in the field of greed, megalomaniac Vasilakos is the very same individual whom John’s fiancée, Rebecca Kavanagh, has become obsessed with after studying his highly suspicious trading patterns as part of her job working for the financial services regulator. Vasilakos’s psychopathic bodyguard, Eddie Slater, is extremely well paid for protecting the fund manager and his business interests, and when not engaged in blackmail and brutality he’s deploying covert surveillance to evaluate anyone new he suspects might be causing them trouble. Just as Eddie seems to have all of their significant adversaries under control, Rebecca begins insisting that her superiors make Vasilakos and his financial irregularities a priority for their investigations. A mysterious break-in at the young couple’s flat is just the start of a very bad day that sees John Gibson forced into re-evaluating his whole life. Despite the very real danger, he feels duty bound to help find the evidence needed to convict Vasilakos for his endemic levels of ‘market abuse’. The highly principled detective soon finds himself thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse and he’s forced into breaking the law himself as he fights to see justice served.

5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. It starts off quite slowly, and gradually rises to a satisfactory conclusion and then ties up all the loose ends. I found myself reading it whenever I had a spare moment, sometimes only a couple of pages.

by Peter Hardman

Very good!

by Amy Mays

Julian Page

A graduate from Bath University, Julian Page became a Chartered Engineer in 1998.

His first book, Implementing Lean Manufacturing Techniques, was published in 2004.

A poetry prize winner, he enjoys wordplay and creative writing. In 2014 he become a novelist with the crime thriller 'Blood Money'.

The novel is highly engaging, and is written with real energy and imagination.

Author: Julian Page
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