Troubador Blindfold

Released: 01/11/2013

ISBN: 9781783060313

Format: Paperback

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Moscow, 1960 A top-secret meeting takes place in the Kremlin. The Russians are planning to conceal small nuclear devices in the UK. Using the electromagnetic pulse generated to knock out electrical equipment. The UK and its allies would be left with virtually no communications should this attack happen.

North Yorkshire, 2013 Top level Al Qaeda terrorists travel to the UK from Afghanistan. One of them arranges meetings in Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. While at a pub, he notices a man smoking foul smelling cigarettes, whose packets are labelled with Cyrillic writing. Curiosity leads him to get to know the man better – the unbelievable story that unfolds assists Al Qaeda to obtain their first nuclear weapon.

The brutal murder of the man with the cigarettes leads the authorities to realise Al Qaeda now have a nuclear device. The largest covert manhunt in British history commences. Instead of using their bomb in a big city, Al Qaeda decide it would have more impact if they could completely eradicate a small town – and they settle on the unsuspecting Yorkshire market town of Hawes...

Instead of using their bomb in a big city, one of them decides it would have more impact if they could completely eradicate a small town. It would produce worldwide publicity for their cause if it could be filmed. A hi-jacked helicopter being the ideal platform to do the filming.

As the main terrorist is still at large he had to escape. I used a most unusual but humorous method that was, in fact, recently used to enable an Arab murderer to flee the UK.

Places and locations do exist. In many instances real names are used. At the time of writing both terrorists were still at large. Each worth a cool $5,000,000.

This book grabbed me with its factual pieces nicely included. I look forward to seeing any more of this mans work.

by M Galligan

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