Troubador Blazing Obsession

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784620516

eISBN: 9781784627560

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Blazing Obsession


This is a story of obsession, revenge and justice. James Hamilton meets and falls in love with Lynne Burrows, whose ex-husband Nick is a violent, drug-dealing control freak who will not accept that their marriage is over and continually harasses her, and questions their eight-year-old son Georgie constantly about Lynne’s relationships. After Lynne falls pregnant again with James’ child, Nick abducts Georgie and flees to Florida. James and Lynne trick him into returning voluntarily and Nick is arrested on landing at Gatwick. He’s charged and sentenced to seven years. James and Lynne marry and live a life of bliss for two years, until there is an arson attack on James’ holiday cottage. Four months later, the police charge a small-time criminal and drug dealer. Despite overwhelming evidence, he’s acquitted and never reveals who is behind the arson attack. The obvious candidate is Nick, but he’s still incarcerated and the police can find no evidence linking him to the crime. Sickened by the judge’s decision, James becomes obsessed with getting justice for his family when he discovers that Lynne has been concealing secrets about her past. Together with a private eye and Lynne’s best friend, he plans the perfect retribution against the perpetrators... Blazing Obsession shows how powerful revenge and obsession are, and how they can result in fatal consequences. The novel, which combines police procedural, legal drama and amateur sleuth genres, will appeal primarily to crime fans.

Blazing Obsession was previewed in last weeks' Bookseller magazine in the new independent authors slot.
The readership totals c 60,000 retailers ,librarians, publishers and literary agents. Fantastic exposure!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: This is an archetypal revenge thriller, in which the reader necessarily feels the pain and anger of the protagonist, James Hamilton, who suffers the death of his wife and children in an arson attack on their holiday cottage. Forensic evidence provides undeniable proof of who is responsible, but a legal technicality means that the perpetrator will not suffer legal punishment. Hamilton feels he has no alternative therefore, and the reader feels this very much along with him, that he has to take justice into his own hands. The writing is capable, albeit perhaps a little over thriller-conventional, with a tightly-woven plot. Not a deep or particularly challenging novel, but easy and entertaining to read.

by Douglas Kemp

This is a great book to pump blood back into my review blog. I was contacted by Matadour/Troubador Publishing to read and review Blazing Obsession by Dai Henley. I am really glad I agreed to. This book had my heart pumping, hands trembling and mind reeling. There's just so much to take in with this book, and I'm so excited to have finished it, I don't even know where to begin. I can tell you that my mind was active all night after finishing it.

Blazing Obsession is broken into three parts. In the first part, we learn about James, the main character, and the courtship he pursues with Lynne. James is a successful, wealthy businessman who falls for the simple woman with a charming smile. Lynne brings to the relationship a child, Georgie, from a previous marriage. We learn about the struggles Lynne has with her ex-husband; the abusive, demanding, controlling Nick Burrows; father of Georgie.

Nick is obsessed with Lynne, determined that they will forever be together. He cannot handle the idea of Lynne dating anyone else. Hell breaks loose after Nick finds out Lynne is pregnant with James' child. A kidnapping happens. A marriage happens. A birth of a beautiful baby girl happens..... and then the arson happens.

James' whole family is taken out by an arson at their vacation home. The arsonist is left off on a technicality that sends James into a revengeful spiral. James, with the assistance of a Private Investigator and his wife's best friend, Alisha, the begin to unravel the reality behind double jeopardy, a broken court system and the truth behind who murdered his family.

There is such a HUGE TWIST in this book, that I did NOT see coming. Once the literary bomb hit, I could not put the book down. I was totally blindsided, I did not see it coming. But once it was released, and I was reading through the aftermath, so much more that was written in the book began to make sense. There's a strong story within the story.

The strongest line, for me, in this whole book was near the end. "I realized all three of the men involved in relationships with Lynne were shaped by their attitude to revenge." Ka-POW!! Right there people, is the book, story and review. Revengeful relationships.

The story is easy to read, and not overly complex. It flows incredibly well and the author did a fantastic job of keeping the reader's attention. It's a strong story with a fantastic road map full of rest stops called, "Revenge", "Obsession", "Mystery", "Anger and frustration".... Such a fantastic story.

by Regan Vacknitz

Excellent story.

by Brenda Wright

5 out of 5 stars

I great murder mystery that will keep you guessing with the twists and turns. You literally don't see the ending coming. A well crafted plot and characters.

by Andrea Fields

5 out of 5 stars – a heart-pounding tale

A great murder mystery that will keep you guessing with the twists and turns. You literally don't see the ending coming. A well crafted plot and characters. Highly recommend!

by Andrea Fields

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