Troubador Best Served Cold

Released: 28/08/2014

eISBN: 9781784626747

Format: eBook

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Best Served Cold


Revenge can be a deadly business....

Throwing himself into his work was the only way that Pyotr Karmanov could come to terms with the death of the only woman he’d ever loved. Now, twenty two years later, the loss of his sons through greed and negligence fuels him with a desperate need for revenge. When his dreams for his company, the Karmanov Oil Empire, are shattered, his need for revenge grows to become an all-encompassing passion. Obsessed in exacting retribution on those he holds responsible, he embarks on an intricate plan that will have devastating consequences for the world.

Through fate, ‘boy next door’ Brett Matlock falls deeply in love with the beautiful, enigmatic Katyana Karmanov, daughter of Pyotr and heiress to the Karmanov billions. As Katyana increasingly finds herself entangled in her father’s act of international terrorism, Brett’s relationship with her makes him a target for the Special Projects Directorate, a covert organisation reporting directly to the UK Prime Minister.

Pyotr and his mercenary followers ignite a fuse that plunges the world into fear of nuclear conflict, but soon learn that others more powerful than he have plans of their own. Revenge may be sweet, but it can also be deadly, and Pyotr and Katyana find themselves playing for their lives...

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Pete Crowle

One of six children, Peter was born in Hythe, Hampshire in February 1949. When he was seven years old the family moved to Cornwall where he attended St Austell County Grammar School.

Following a seventeen year career as an RAF Engineering Officer, Peter has worked on aviation projects in the USA, Europe and the Far East. He and his wife Maria live near Falmouth, Cornwall and have a holiday home in the Langue D'Oc, France.

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