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Released: 11/01/2019

eISBN: 9781789019209

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BERLIN: Uprising


It's 1953 Berlin and the seeds of the bloody Workers' Uprising have been sown... Whilst working on the prestigious Stalinallee building project, Ulrich Schultz becomes embroiled in the protests, contrary to the desperate pleas of girlfriend, Ursula. As the protests intensify, Ulrich sees his fellow workers disappear one by one. Already uncertain which way to turn, he is unexpectedly approached by a West German agent warning him he is under surveillance by the East German Security Service. Meanwhile in Leipzig, Hans Erdmann is still suffering the harrowing death of his wife and son. The KVP officer accepts a transfer to Berlin in an attempt to get his life back on track, yet only arrives in a city waiting to blow. Back in 1948, Ulrich’s father, Klaus struggles to survive as a POW in a frozen Siberian work camp, wondering if he will ever see his family again. He pits his wits against the wily commandant, Burzin, to whom there is more than meets the eye. As a snowstorm engulfs the camp, Klaus eventually facilitates the escape of one of his comrades, Markus Schram, but not without bloodshed. With the odds stacked against him, and the sadistic MGB captain Dobrovsky back to haunt him, can Klaus survive? Will Klaus' family ever learn of his fate? Indeed, will he ever make it back to his family in Berlin? As the protest spills on to the streets of the city, how will Ulrich react to the many warnings as the dreaded Stasi close in on his activities? BERLIN: Uprising is the final, thrilling installment of the Schultz family trilogy.

Paul Grant's Schultz Family Trilogy goes from strength to strength.

After reading his debut book "Caught in the Mousetrap" I was hooked by the characters and also the great descriptions of the environment.

The final book in the trilogy is set in Berlin in the early 1950s as East Germany is racked by unrest and German soldiers are still trickling back from the Soviet Union after being released from wartime captivity.

The author realistically captures the febrile atmosphere within the city as the political tensions ramp up and also the challenges of day to day life in a city still devastated from 6 years of war..

Grant has clearly done his research and fleshes out details of the city and his characters with easy to read, but punchy prose. He doesn’t put a foot wrong with his knowledge of the history and his eye for descriptive detail.

I’m sometimes wary of self-published work, but this is real quality with characters you care about and a pacey plot that keep you turning the pages. This is a well crafted thriller that delivers great insight into the 1950s East Germany and Berlin alongside a compelling story.

Surely this isn't the final episode?!

by Manchester Military History Society

The author did a brilliant job of capturing the time period in this novel. The characters and plot were also well written. This was a great piece of historical fiction!

by Cristie Underwood

Definitely gives you so much information. This book helped me so much on a prompt I had to do. I think it does a good job at sharing all the emotions from the war.

by Adrianna A

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