Troubador Behind the Sun

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789017175

Format: Paperback

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Behind the Sun


Seventeen-year-old Jessica and her younger brother, Tom, live with their aunt, Gina. Their parents are missing, presumed dead. But are they? Pursued by Levchenkov, who is Gina’s partner and a covert agent, Jessica and Tom embark on a search for answers. Set in the near future which is a time of political and social tension, Jessica and Tom are immediately caught in a web of national turmoil, global intrigue and terrorism. They endure a menacing train journey, the bombing of a police station and confinement in an underground shelter before escaping to the other side of the world. 

In the secret labyrinths of Hong Kong, they become involved with an underground political group, a Chinese Triad. Unsure whether they control their own destinies, brother and sister engage in a violent chase across the South China Sea. Finally this transformative quest becomes a pilgrimage into the unknown depths of Asia for the breathtaking conclusion. 

In what is ostensibly a mystery-thriller, Jessica and Tom are led to question the nature of beauty, time, and reality as their search for truth and a home becomes a spiritual journey. It will appeal to all fiction lovers who are looking for depth from their adventures, from the upper teenage years to the adult market.

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