Troubador Bear in the Woods

Released: 07/06/2010

eISBN: 9781780886299

Format: eBook

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Bear in the Woods


Set in Britain and America during a Presidential election year in the very near future, Bear in the Woods explores some of the darker and more dangerous connections within our two societies.

A group of London friends find themselves at the epicentre of a murderous struggle reaching to the highest seats of power. It starts when one of their number, Bryn, begins to suspect that someone, inexplicably, may be trying to kill him. Two attempts on his life, however, are dismissed by his friends as near-miss accidents. When he goes on a winter trip to the USA to fan the embers of an old flame, a professional assassin pursues him from Chicago to Detroit, to Salt Lake City and across the snow-laden mountains of Utah. He escapes and returns to England, but finds he is no longer the target.

Months pass and it seems that the threat – conceivably the result of mistaken identity or a terrible misunderstanding – has passed. But when Bryn travels once again to America, the nightmare starts all over again, this time in New York.

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