Troubador Ball of Confusion

Released: 28/04/2015

eISBN: 9781784628680

Format: eBook

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Ball of Confusion

Consider the Flipside


Millennium Jones is an American foreign correspondent, embroiled in a melting pot, in London. She abhors those slaughtering innocents for their cause, and reasons unreason with two convicts for her documentary "One Man’s Good is Another Man’s Evil". As three culturally diverse life-paths intersect, Millie sits on the fence, between a tramp and a terrorist: a sweet Englishman born into bad, and one hell-bent on heaven Iraqi, who’s heard it all before. Emotions flow: rage, belly laughs, bewilderment… and then woe, as death’s knell tolls, and a Ball of Confusion blows one mind to either: follow the guided path… or choose another route. Mother Nature spins our world. Human nature spins our minds. Ball of Confusion is an original, pacy, punchy, extremely topical novel offering several suspense filled perspectives that will appeal to fans of thought provoking thrillers and dramas.

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