Troubador Bad Things Happen

Released: 01/03/2010

ISBN: 9781848762909

eISBN: 9781789019216

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Bad Things Happen


In good times, we make our way through life on the crest of a wave. We are thrilled by the fight to control its surge, sometimes just to stay afloat. We have no time and feel no need to look around, to take stock. We are, instead, consumed with living the next experience, seeking out the next opportunity.

Aengus lives in a vibrant new city, among interesting and exciting new friends, and in a glamorous job. But it’s a fickle world cloaked in an illusion of stability and only when it’s too late, when bad things happen, does cruel reality emerge.

When his wife is killed in a traffic accident, the thin veneer is suddenly and irredeemably ripped away. Aengus tries to relocate his place in the world, to re-establish his path and purpose, but he can’t. And so he seeks out the only person who can provide a connection to his lost wife – the daughter they gave up for adoption some 20 years before.

His search takes him home to Ireland and face-to-face with his father, with whom he has endured a fractured relationship. It throws into question the certainties that have guided his life, and he discovers a sense of belonging with people he left behind years before. In places long forgotten. In dreams he once coveted but never dared to grasp.

In this dark tale, the reader might just find a path to the light, might find a way home. Because when bad things happen, there can be no redemption without belonging.

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