Troubador Autobiography of an Assassin: Part One

Released: 28/08/2014

eISBN: 9781784627614

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Autobiography of an Assassin: Part One

The Here and the Now


Martin is an assassin – or that is how he likes to think of himself. In reality, beneath a seemingly pleasant and unpretentious facade, lurks a ruthless predator ... a narcissistic sociopath!

He killed his very first victim when he had only just turned sixteen. Fleeing to Belgium, he had been recruited into a mercenary organisation, more commonly known as ‘La Légion’ Given a new identity, he had been taken to Morocco to undergo intensive training ... training that had been frequently brutal and bestial. Six months later, he would emerge from the remote foothills of the Atlas Mountains a highly trained, widely experienced and psychologically conditioned killer.

In Vietnam, he had been recruited into ‘Section 9’, a covert organisation within the British Secret Intelligence Service. They had wanted Martin to join them as a freelance field operative – an assassin! But fate was to intervene. On arriving back in London, Martin had discovered feelings and emotions that he had never ever experienced before – he had discovered love and affection. With a new love in his life, had come new sense of purpose, a new sense of direction – and a change of heart. True love had given him compassion and humanity. But nothing lasts forever, and after five short years of marital bliss, tragedy had cruelly struck – a tragedy that had destroyed his life and had taken away his very soul. It was then that an assassin was truly born. And, overnight Martin had become a ruthless heartless killer ... attracting similarly motivated sociopaths to his ‘Family’, and the growing Family business – the business of killing! During the last fifty years, Martin has killed all manner of people - and now he has decided to write his autobiography.

The Here and the Now is the first part of that autobiography

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5.0 out of 5 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A MUST READ BOOK, 20 Sep 2014
This review is from: Autobiography of an Assassin: Part One: The Here and the Now (Kindle Edition)
What a cracker of a book, with a career which has spanned decades, has in some form or other killed between 900 to 1200 people on the way and travelled around the globe. He is a killing machine belonging to a family of assassins with skills, strengths and specialities. Its an in depth account but is a must read book, completely fascinating and I loved it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant! Great foundation for more books!, 5 Feb. 2015
By Christian Warden
This review is from: Autobiography of an Assassin: Part One: The Here and the Now
I loved this book, the attention to detail is excellent and I was really drawn to the book because of this. The pace is clever and makes it believable. I feel this book sets the scene for what has to be more books.

5.0 out of 5 stars this book builds up nicely giving a great insight into an assassin mind 3 Jan. 2015
By mr stephen t gardner
cant wait until part 2. this book builds up nicely giving a great insight into an assassin mind. very well written, cant help feeling the best is yet to come, .keep it up mr hallgarth. excellent stuff

5.0 out of 5 stars Read it!
By JohnBlaso on May 14, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I met the author a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, found out he wrote this book, I purchased and when I started reading it was like I was immersed in the plot. The details of the weapons helped me understand why they were used. Its a great read, get the book, grab your favorite chair and dig in, you will not be disappointed!

Five Stars by Anna - Building on the strong foundations of previous books, the story unveils further into the past. Very different from books I have read in the past but really enjoyed the read.

Five Stars by mr stephen t gardner - Super stuff yet again.

Shoot em up violence., June 26, 2016
4 stars out of 5
By Buddy
This review is for: Assassin: Reborn Again (Autobiography of an Assassin Series Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
Certainly different. Not for the squeamish. Violent

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Martin Hallgarth

Using my passion for modern history, along with my knowledge of firearms and martial arts, over several years, I have developed the Autobiography of an Assassin Series. I love the freedom and intense pleasure I get from writing. It is neither work nor a hobby – it is a delight.

Written as a fictional autobiography, from the cold, clinical viewpoint of a professional killer - a psychopath, the Autobiography of an Assassin series has just continued to grow and grow.

Martin, the main character in the Assassin Series, frequently demonstrates the typical sheer conceited arrogance, which makes up the character trait of a psychopath - a ruthless predatory killer, completely devoid of any empathy or compassion!

Suggested reading list:

‘Assassin - Formative Years’, accounts for the earlier years of Martin, the main character. We all have to start somewhere ... don’t we? It is just that the formative years of Martin were significantly different to those of most. He had only just turned sixteen when he had killed his first - the first of many ... by the age of twenty-one he has killed hundreds more! At the age of sixteen, he is recruited into a ruthless mercenary organisation – ‘La Légion’. Undergoing extreme and sometimes brutal training in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco – he emerges as a well-trained and psychologically conditioned killer. From the brutal carnage, which is the Congo and Biafra, to the targeted killings and assassinations in Vietnam; by the time Martin has turned twenty-one, he has experienced so many lives ... and has also taken so many lives as well - hundreds! These are his ‘Formative Years’!

‘Assassin - Reborn Again’ poses more questions than it answers, as you are immersed in the cold clinical uncaring logic of a psychopath. A man who has no fears ... no qualms in what he does – a ruthless predator. Yet, we see that he once had compassion, and normality. He was once capable of deep caring love. The killer in him subdued and tamed. However, tragedy will strike all of us at one time, or another. And, we all have different ways of coping with it. But when tragedy strikes a psychopathic killer, such as Martin, his method of coping with grief is extreme! Deprived of the love and normality that he had once enjoyed and treasured, he returns back to type. Written as an autobiography, we are immersed into the mind of a psychopath. Totally devoid of any empathy and of all compassion, we see the world through his eyes – the eyes of a killer. Brutal, and extremely graphic in parts, we are absorbed by his own words into his life - that of a psychopathic killer ... an assassin reborn again!

In the ‘The Family’, we are introduced to those who make up the 'Family' ... a rich diversity of individuals - some 'damaged', some not. In individual cameos, we get to meet them, a multiplicity of diverse characters. From the soft charismatic Irish charm of Patrick, to the steely fixed persona of Maaka - from the flamboyant John-Luke, to the studious academic Carl - from the bubbly Nicky, to the cold clinical Karen. They all have one thing in common. Like the rest of the Family - they are all killers! The Family, and their individual stories, are narrated sometimes in such a literal explicit manner, which some may find distressing and upsetting. But that is the nature of the animal ... that is the nature of man - and that is the nature of the Family.

'The Here and the Now', is extremely technically detailed in parts - intentionally more like a manual than a book ... the manual of a killer. The main character, Martin, demonstrates the typical sheer conceited arrogance, which frequently makes up the character trait of a psychopath. He goes to great lengths to describe in detail the tools of his trade; his expertise and experience; and his vast network of clients and associates. Like all psychopaths, he his typically showing off ... he is demonstrating how superior he is to the common man. However, we get to see snippets of narrative, sometimes in graphic detail, which gradually extends his story. And, towards the end, we get to see some of the real man behind the boasting mask of conceitedness.

Because of the explicit nature and the graphic content contained within the books of the Autobiography of an Assassin Series - they are not for the faint-hearted!

Bye for now M.,

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