Troubador An Oik's Progress

Released: 11/03/2015

eISBN: 9781784629403

Format: eBook

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An Oik's Progress


Army Brat’ Benny Cohen has grown up in a military environment, dragged from posting to posting as his father rose through the ranks to that of Captain. Always failing to live up to the standards of a son of the ‘Officer Class’, Benny is deemed inadequate by his father, and even an embarrassment when, at fifteen, he assaults a young Subaltern in the Officer’s Mess, landing Benny a banishment to an Army Apprentices College. After three years in the military, Benny returns. Persuaded by his father to make something of himself by joining the police, the protagonist develops an extraordinary talent for cultivating informants and investigating crime. Psychopathic tendencies begin to arise in Benny, which come to light when faced with a local thug with a grudge against his father. How far will Benny go to stop the man from threatening the father that has always put him down? Will Benny’s mindset affect his chance at becoming a Sergeant, and how deep into corruption will he descend to prove himself an effective investigator?

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Steve Eastwood

Steve served as a detective with the Essex and City of London Police forces and worked on operations in Brussels, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Steve is a fluent German speaker and on leaving the police in 2004, Steve had held the rank of Detective Inspector for 12 years.

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