Troubador A Warming Death

Released: 25/05/2018

eISBN: 9781789011326

Format: eBook

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A Warming Death


When man-made Global Warming becomes increasingly exposed as perhaps the greatest fraud ever visited on mankind, the anti-hero of this book lashes out recklessly at this threat to the foundation of his power and position. This is the story of a man of our time. An environmental champion committed to the fight against Global Warming with a perfect public image but a background of a dark and treacherous rise to power. Someone who routinely uses for his own purposes all whom he encounters, hides it cleverly but is despised by those he has crossed. A man with a debasing attitude to women who manages to ultimately pose as a tragic widower. 

With no understanding of the mechanics of Global Warming, he nevertheless uses it as the means of his self-promotion. He has no opinion as to the validity of the concept but accepts the growing absurdity and hysteria of its application. When he encounters evidence that others may be vastly more cynical and corrupt in their exploitation of the crusade to save the planet, his impotent fury results in an increasing retreat from reality.  

He becomes too wild for the Establishment to handle so, when he is murdered, they quietly abandon him. Set in London, the West of Scotland and several other global locations, it is a cautionary story of the seemingly invincible who ignore the fact that somebody may be keeping a tally.

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