Troubador A Triangle of Circles

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461475

Format: Paperback

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A Triangle of Circles


Joanna’s comfortable life is suddenly disrupted when she must confront some bewildering revelations. As she grapples with the fallout of deceit and emotional pain she cannot see a way forward. A chance encounter on a train offers her some hope, but even this proves to raise as many questions as it answers. 

Far away another drama is playing out. A young girl makes allegations against a local choirmaster. Greg Mortimer’s life is thrown into disarray as he is swept along by the criminal justice process, and he may lose everything including his liberty as a result. What will his future now hold?  

Elsewhere, Gerry Thorncroft retires from a successful police career as he and his wife move to the countryside to renovate an old farm and set up a holiday-let business. But can he fully detach himself from involvement in police work? 

Are these three apparently unconnected threads interwoven in some way? DS Clive Meadows and DC Sharon Page investigate offences of perjury, blackmail and murder. Is anyone above suspicion?

A superbly crafted novel, compelling in its portrayal of character and in the fast moving drama of an unfolding investigation. A thoroughly enjoyable book and highly recommended.

by Pauline

Katharine Lillico's latest novel demonst ates her skills of writing in a lucid prose style and skillfully handling a wide range of well developed characters. Drawing on her long career in the criminal jutsice sytem the plot, centring on a miscarriage of justice has a ring of authenticity.
Gregory Mortimer,a peripatetic music teacher is imprisonered for alleged child abuse. Around this event the lives of Joanna, a divorcee stalked by her ex-husband, Marie, a school teacher and Lucy Flynn, an investigative journalist are protagonists or victims in a complex but fast moving ploi involving love, betrayal and murder. Lillico maintains tension and msytery in bringing a complex narrative to clkmax. If you like the work of R.D.Wingfield or Ruth Rendell you wil enjoy 'A Triangle of Circles.'

by James Watson

What a brilliant book, an interesting and intriguing story with plenty of avenues, it kept me engrossed from start to finish - I couldn’t put it down. Well worth reading, highly recommended

by Brian A

As only Katharine Lillico’s second novel this is an impressive read, in which she maintains the tension and the reader’s curiosity to the final chapter. The author draws on her close knowledge of the criminal system to creat realistic insights into the world of her characters. Each chapter provides its own suspense that urges the reader to press on - enthusiastically. This is a novel that deserves access to a wider audience and I look forward to th publication of her third book.

by Tubbles

Another excellent page-turner from an author who uses her background experience to great effect in her writing. I look forward to her next book.

by Diane Hewgill

I'm going to have to stop reading Katharine Lillico's books! They're too "more-ish". Pick one up and the urge to "read just one more page" leaves other jobs waiting.
A Triangle of Circles is no exception - interwoven threads of intriguing stories, seemingly unrelated at first. So the reader gets the double intrigue of not just "how is each going to end up?" but "how can they possibly tie together?".
What I particularly like about the book is that, unlike quite a lot of "fanciful fiction" which leaves the reader thinking "but that would never happen in real life", KL's skillful use of her criminology experience makes the credibility of her stories even more intriguing.
I'm not going to give away any clues. So why not give A Triangle of Circles a try? Sweeping the kitchen floor can wait a bit longer.

by BrianS

I read this in 36 hours ... getting back to the book whenever I could over one weekend. Utterly absorbing! Not so much a "whodunnit" as a "how does it all fit together?" The writing style of interwoven stories gradually coming together makes for a most effective thriller. The ending defies prediction, but the story itself always remains utterly believable and realistic. I also thoroughly enjoyed A Lethal Bequest for the same reasons. Ms Lillico is clearly a great talent in this genre.

by PAS

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