Troubador A Moment Lost

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788039246

Format: Paperback

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A Moment Lost


Eva’s life changes after she is informed by the police that David, her councillor friend, has been involved in a car accident. A post-mortem discovers he had been given a lethal drug and was already dead when the car hit him. 

The police tell Eva that she too had been given the same drug but in a much smaller dose. Was she the intended victim? A battle for land between wealthy Russian investors and Eva’s lover sets the backdrop of the story. Before his death, councillor David was due to head the committee to decide which land application should be rubber-stamped. 

A photograph showing Eva lying on the park bench is sent to her at the court house. Detective Inspector Peter Marsh is investigating the death and wonders if this is a blackmail threat. Deception, lies and a struggle for power all add to Eva’s nightmare as she struggles to come to terms with her friend’s death. 

A Moment Lost is an intricate mystery story woven with deceit, lies and greed. This book will appeal to readers of crime and mystery fiction.

Found it interesting and a page turner from the beginning. As a male reader I was surprised that it wasn't the usual run of the mill. I enjoyed it

by Mac Macgregor

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