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Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014150

eISBN: 9781789010961

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Lingering Crime


A Lingering Crime follows Jack Watson as he is arrested for a crime he did not commit and extradited to Florida, a State he has never visited, to stand trial for murder. Upon discovering that the murdered teacher is the man who subjected him to sexual abuse many years ago, Jack sees how he has come to be implicated in the crime. When his lawyer is imprisoned for defrauding his clients’ money, Jack’s case is taken over by a public prosecutor and he is forced to plead guilty to avoid Florida’s strict death penalty. 

Jack is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. In prison a retired detective meets him as a prison visitor who restarts his defence. As the mystery unravels, it becomes clear that Jack is not responsible for the crime. But will the culprits be caught?  

A Lingering Crime is a poignant crime novel, which brings the impact of historical sexual abuse into the spotlight. The book explores the long-lasting effects of abuse on an individual, and will appeal to readers interested in crime fiction, the legal system and this important topic.

Great interest being shown on Rousay and Orkney as The Crazy Psychologist is set there. I'll be on Orkney in May for book sales.

Johnston Press about to interview me over The Trials of Sally Dunning.

A Lingering Crime being taken up by Police Scotland and several Sheriffs and solicitors. It will be sold, as well as the Trials of Sally Dunning at the November conference of the Scottish Association for the Study of Offending. The first is about historical abuse and Sally is based on the true story of a neighbour whoiis autiscic and suffered at the hands of two drug dealers.


Jack Watson, a 65-year-old widower is arrested as he is on his knees in his garden. The police put handcuffs on him as they mumble he's being charged with murder of some man in Florida. Jack looks incredulous as he tries to tell them he has never been to Florida and he's never hear of this man.

It's only when he's extradited to Florida and actually learns who he was supposed to murder, he realizes that he does have a connection with the murder victim.

He is assigned a public defender who seems like he might be able to help . but he disappears before the trial date. The next public defender talks him into entering a guilty plea to avoid a death sentence and is automatically given a sentence of 20 years.

While in prison he meets a prison visitor who also happens to be a retired detective. Once again telling his story, the detective starts to look into Jack's case. It's obvious to him that Jack is not guilty of this crime ... but who is? And how is he ever going to prove it?

I found this an interesting read, just not particularly suspenseful or mysterious. Jack Watson is a retiree with a few medical problems, mostly with his short term memory, that is worked into the story nicely. He seemed to handle his imprisonment well without a lot of drama.

Many thanks to the author / Troubador Publishing / Netgalley for the advanced digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

3.5 Stars

by Linda Strong

Miller H Caldwell

I served on the committee of the Society of Authors in Scotland. I was the evnts manager. I have published 23 books since starting to be a full time author in 2003.

I was the camp manger (Post earthquake 2005) in the NWFP of Pakistan and was first to alert authorities that Osama bin Laden was in Abbotabad. I was the Regional Reporter to the Children's Hearings (The Scottish legal system for placing children on supervision or care.)

Now with increasing memory problems, my last book may have been written although I have written an unpublished novel. Having great editors to change my work is a super help. So to Alan, David in France and Alex on Jura, thanks team.

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