Troubador A Lethal Bequest

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781789018493

Format: Paperback

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A Lethal Bequest


Flattered by the attentions of two enigmatic, seductive young women, students Sebastian and Luke find themselves drawn into a world of greed and violence. Although not friends, as their fear intensifies, they agree to work together to combat increasingly bizarre and sinister threats.

Meanwhile Bea Elsworth, an elderly resident in a care home, suffers a mysterious fall, late at night but outside in the garden. Events here also take a frightening turn for the worse. Bea is moved to safety but she remains distressed about what happened to an exotic aunt, Anastasia, from whom she inherited her considerable wealth. Her nephew, Tony Montgomery, reluctantly promises to try and find out more about this, but the search for long lost relatives will give rise to intrigue, jealousy and lies.

Sebastian finds himself being interrogated by the police about a murder, and his whole future now seems to be crumbling around him. Luke too is having to carry an additional secret burden from his past. When a second murder is committed DS Baz Underwood and DC Rita Hussein find themselves under increasing scrutiny. But there are yet more twists in the tale...

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