Troubador A Half Remembered Song

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784625375

Format: Paperback

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A Half Remembered Song


A Half Remembered Song follows a teacher’s quest to recover his reputation; lost in the unsolved mystery of the disappearance of a schoolboy on a fishing trip to Ireland. As the story of the boy’s death unfolds, Tom Ellison’s fall from grace spirals out of control. His only hope is that a mysterious, cryptic postcard might help to reveal the secret behind the tragedy. Tom’s return to the scene of his worst nightmare triggers off a series of unexpected twists, including an attempt on his own life and the death of Mary Mahon, the woman who might hold the secret to his search. With Mary’s death comes added pressure on Timothy Hanlon to come forward and admit his part in the events on the shores of Lake Descarr. A Half Remembered Song is a dark mystery that explores the accountability of being a teacher acting in “loco parentis”. A fast-paced and absorbing tale, this book will appeal to fans of thriller novels.

Alan will give a talk on his book and other projects at LEAMINGTON LIBRARY AND MUSEUM, THE PARADE Leamington Spa on FRIDAY JANUARTY 2016 at 1p.m., when copies of the book will be available.

Ann Parsons wrote: We found it a good read- well told, a story that held ones attention until the end.
It had a really believable plot and all the characters very lifelike.
Very enjoyable.

It's a shame but I had to go to bed sometime so couldn't finish this book in one sitting. I found it fascinating and the twist, when it came, was truly surprising. Well written and completely absorbing, I can only hope that the author decides to follow up this, his first novel, with another. Well worth a read.

by Wayne Morris

This is a well structured novel that moves the reader through both time and place smoothly. All of the characters are expertly portrayed, so that it is easy to remember each one of them, and their role in the story, both the good guys and the bad guys! The gradual exposure of events past and present is well handled to keep the reader’s attention, and the book is increasingly hard to put down as more is revealed. The story reflects the author’s in depth knowledge of teaching and fishing. These topics may seem an unlikely pairing, but they work well together as linked threads throughout the story. The twist in the tail left me hoping for more - a thoroughly enjoyable read.

by Robbie Robertson

A very engaging read. This book had me locked in after a couple of chapters. Alan is a wordsmith as the style of writing, small chapters, and moving backwards and forwards in timing keeps you `'keeping up with the story lines!" The issues of security, healthy adventure, wide reaching education, support for the vulnerable, the interaction of various professional groups are interesting. Also the fast changing of freedoms and "politically correctness" - the 70's, 80's and the 21st Century have left many of us worn out with it all."Good practice" , risk assessment, and CRB/DBS training are very much stressed in every career now. You can see why but it has affected the readiness of "volunteering".
This book is well crafted , exciting, and a "must read" for every teacher, priest, law enforcer! and parent. It is powerful and entertaining.

by David Senior

This is a story about a depressed alcolic teacher whose life was turned upside down through no fault of his own. He's very likeable, and at times completely out of his depth. He returns to Ireland to try and find out what happened to a boy who went missing on a school trip eight years earlier. The teacher Tom Ellison who organised the trip was held responsible by the boys mother. The mystery slowly unfolds with surprising consequences. There's a twist in the tale that leaves the reader wanting more.(hurry up with the sequel

by Mrs P. Logan

An entertaining and challenging book.
What a really interesting story it grips you straight away so that you have to keep turning the page interesting at the end and I hope Mr Jones writes a sequel I read this book in 24 hrs Brilliant read

by Gwyneth Annie Johns

As a former teaching colleague of Alan I was already aware of his prodigious creativity across a wide variety of formats. We have stayed in touch, albeit infrequently, since retirement (both) and I was delighted to receive an invite to the launch of A Half Remembered Song, a project of which I was unaware.
On hearing the theme of the book I was immediately intrigued.All teachers who have led or been involved in school visits are highly conscious of the potential pitfalls.The opening sequence is the stuff of professional nightmare and the consequences all too familiar.

The plot unfolds with careful pace and slow reveals and for a first novel shows a great deftness of touch. However the twists are plausible and the outcomes realistic but satisfying. Without giving anything away I closed the book with no nagging doubts. A real page turner and one, despite our personal connection, I can highly recommend. It stands in its own right as strong work of fiction and gripping thriller.

by Les Grafton

Alan Jones

In January Hilltop Radio will broadcast a series of programmes of Alan's recordings in advance of publication of the book.

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