Troubador A Falling Of Angels

Released: 28/08/2020

eISBN: 9781838597740

Format: eBook

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A Falling Of Angels


‘The world of intelligence is a wilderness of mirrors where truth and falsehood endlessly reflect and refract one another and nothing is quite what it seems!’ – James Jesus Angleton, CIA 

A Falling of Angels is the second part of a trilogy of action/adventure novels by W.T.Delaney against the backdrop of the Western world’s current struggle against Islamic terrorism.

It’s London in 2019 and the Islamic State has crumbled and a team of British-born jihadists are on their way home with revenge and mass murder in mind. When a British agent within the Daesh reveals a suicide bomb plot, Samantha Holloway, an ex-British Army Intelligence Corps operator, and her team of former Special Forces soldiers are contracted by the Security Services to help. 

The story unfolds as Sam’s team race to prevent the attack against the gripping backdrop of a secret, complex and morally dubious CIA plot, to locate and capture the terrorist mastermind. Have Sam’s team been told the truth as the clock ticks towards an attack on the heart of government? 

But when the truth finally emerges she realises that London isn’t the only target…

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Bernie  Plunkett

W.T. Delaney (pen name) was born in South London and joined the Royal Marines in 1973. During his twenty-four year military career, he served with 45, 40 and 41 Royal Marine Commandos, was attached to the Special Boat Service and also engaged in special duties with the Intelligence Corps.. After his retirement he joined the London Security 'Circuit' as a contractor and covered a variety of roles over a twenty year period, ranging from body-guarding an Arab Royal family to providing media security protection to news teams in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired from working as a US DOD contractor teaching intelligence methods to the Iraqi and Afghan Army in 2015 and then started to write. Delaney uses his experience to enhance the realism of his books/scripts. He is married and has five grown-up children and six grand children. He lives between the UK and Spain. 'A Falling of Angels' is the second part of a trilogy and a follow up to 'A Shadowing of Angels'. The final part of Sam Holloway's adventures, 'An Evil Shadow Falls' is due to be released in April 2020

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