Troubador Who's Who in Charles Dickens

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788036184

Format: Paperback

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Who's Who in Charles Dickens


Who’s Who in Charles Dickens brings the work of one of England’s most famous authors together in such a way that the reader can find out about the characters in an instant. It presents characters who enrich the action in an alphabetical register, listing every work in which any character can be found, making searching easy for the reader. This format also helps the reader to enjoy a greater insight into the structure of Dickens’ plots and the often complex stories. First published in 2015, this second edition provides a catalogue of the men, women and children who people the stories of Charles Dickens. Providing descriptions used by Dickens himself and without fussy 'literary' interpretation, the book is intended as a practical work of reference. As such readers are presented with clear and concise information with no exegesis or value judgements. Who’s Who in Charles Dickens is the ideal companion for students who want to look up characters, descriptions and additional information quickly and easily. The book ends with a quiz of 50 questions and answers that will prove entertaining and useful to Dickens enthusiasts and quiz organisers. Essentially a literary reference book, Who’s Who in Charles Dickens fills a gap in student literary research and will prove useful to those studying the famous author. It is also an invaluable resource for Dickens enthusiasts.

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