Troubador Whiter Than White

Released: 28/03/2017

eISBN: 9781788032377

Format: eBook

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Whiter Than White

The daughter of the Land of Pure


Written by seasoned police officer and accomplished writer, J. J. BAloch, Whiter Than?White is the story of Hoor, an ordinary woman caught up in the throes of extraordinary circumstances. Hoor fosters her faith and cultivates confidence in her own destiny, protecting her womanhood with the tenacity of a wounded mother lion against the system that engulfs her world. Whiter Than White details Hoor’s journey from growing up in a hostile system in Pakistan and rising to the precipice of greatness and fame as the story unfolds. Whiter Than White is unique in its approach to the telling of Hoor’s story. While detailing her personal journey, J J. BAloch comprehensively addresses the different issues of women in sub-continental set-ups, specifically Pakistan. Drawing on the mistreatment of women and women’s rights, this novel sheds light on a society that considers women a symbol of misfortune, where they are arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned and sentenced without being involved in any violation of the law, and where they are presented as sexual tools for the pleasure of men, discriminated against on the basis of their gender. This novel touches on the sensitive systems of society and state, which are designed to perpetuate the status quo of male dominance, orthodoxy, discriminations, biases, intolerance, extremism and hatred against women. J. J. BAloch’s experience working in the police, specifically relating to crimes against women, adds a layer of authenticity to his writing that will be enjoyed by those who enjoy feminist literature and who are looking to deepen their understanding of women’s rights in other societies.

Book Publishing is in process and in 2017 it will be available in book markets.

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Javed Baloch

Javed Jiskani Baloch:

Author of "The Power of Social Media & Policing Challeges" and "On the Art of Writing Essays"is now coming up with his debut novel: "Whiter than White".

He is MSc Criminal Justice Policy from London School of Economics and Political Science, London UK and a Senior Police Officer at Police Service of Pakistan.

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