Troubador What Would Toby Say…

Released: 28/10/2021

eISBN: 9781800466975

Format: eBook

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What Would Toby Say…


What becomes of a girl, orphaned by the age of 11, who inherits a grand Elizabethan mansion, a London town house – and her mother’s startling green eyes? And who is the influential Toby?

In a turbulent world where friends are in short supply, Veronique, known as Vee, has her own individual ways of coping with life but is aware most of the time that she is somehow different and apart from others. It seems difficult to make and retain close friends, even with Toby’s guidance.

We meet her towards the end of her university journey, contemplating her future plans in the private walled Herb Garden at Hughjohn Devers, her sanctuary. How important is the mansion to her? Should she make her home elsewhere? And with whom?

The university town where she has spent the last three years appeals, as does the convenience of London, for music, theatre and art galleries. But most of all the sea is calling her, with its turbulent turbines in the distance and strong iron men in the shallows... but what would Toby say?

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