Troubador Waves Aligning

Released: 29/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018776

Format: Hardback

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Waves Aligning


Chinny learned at an early age that with her background and heritage, life does not simply hand you opportunities – especially not when you’re a girl child living in Eastern Nigeria. With only the meagre resources hewed out of her parents’ low-income jobs, the decision to send either Chinny or her male, unenthusiastic sibling to school is inevitable... and defeating. The only bright spot in the tempest of her life is her best friend, Ejiofor.

With every scrap of courage and conviction, Chinny faces her life’s storms as she encounters disillusionment and tragic losses, ill health and betrayal, and worse still a foreboding unwanted marriage, with each wave crashing her dreams down. Will she drown in life’s disappointments or can she rise above them to destinations only yet defined in dreams?

April, 2, 2019

Waves Aligning has now been listed on Foyles, Tondeur Diffusion ,Google books, Waterstones ,Booktopia, and Standaard Boekhandel ..... I am super excited!


May I use this opportunity to express how delightful it was publishing my debut novel, Waves Aligning with Matador. The attention and support I received from everyone I interphased with; Laura bailey, Fern Bushnell, Sophie Morgan - a simply amazing lady, Andrea and Stephanie, all made me feel like Matador's only client.

Thank you for running the best self publishing company ever! I had a most amazing time!

October, 9, 2019

Diversity In Literature - My View - Happy BlackHistory Month

Adaora O, author of Waves Aligning:

As a child growing up in Africa, I often wondered what I would not give for a chance to experience life on those other patterns on the world map; the people, what they wore, ate, how they spoke and thought. Soon, that hunger became somewhat satisfied, as morsel after morsel of literature filled my “emptiness”.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how a well told story possesses the ability to transport its readers to places unknown? The art of vicarious living becomes perfected wittingly or otherwise by readers who immerse themselves in depths of stories.

Differences in beliefs, cultures and traditions, will always be integral to our experiences as humans and how dull our world would be, if we all had a mono-directional point of reference, with no discoveries to further intensify our beliefs or shift our leanings. How less tolerant we would be were it not for illuminating literature!

My stories are inspired by African cultural narratives; beliefs and how they affect human relationships and interactions. With any luck, the ‘dark continent’ – Mother Africa, will through my written pieces, become better appreciated for Her iconic resilience and how She is able to rise from existence on the fringes of light to its apex, shinning forth to even the farthest thirsty minds and reaching out for a warm handshake with the other patterns on the world map.

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Adaora O

The first in a family of three daughters and a son, Adaora Chinwe I. Ogunniyi was born in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. With a family heritage in Anambra state, Eastern Nigeria, her childhood experienced extensive travels across the country and she attended schools in Kaduna, Benin and Enugu in the North, South and East respectively.

As a trained Biochemist with other Post-Graduate business certifications, Adaora has over the last fifteen years, held corporate career roles in Human Capital Development and Customer Relationship Management. Her unconventional disposition and proximity to people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, enriches her love for fiction writing. She writes scripts for informal drama presentations in addition to owning a plethora of unpublished articles and short stories. Many travels within Africa and outside the continent has afforded her a happy, eventful and exciting life.

A loving wife, a mother of two adorable children, besides volunteering for writing assignments in her local church, Adaora enjoys swimming, singing and trying out new food recipes.

Often thankful, hopeful.... Sometimes frenetic

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