Troubador Victoria's Park

Released: 01/02/2011

eISBN: 9781780885902

Format: eBook

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Victoria's Park

A Very Sweet Revenge


Middle-aged heroine Vicki has had enough of being everyone’s doormat. She wants to create a world-class park on a rubbish tip, but her husband has other ideas and they don’t include her. Help arrives in the form of an elderly couple of misfits, a callow youth and a fast-track police inspector on her own road to Damascus.

If you have ever wanted...

To drive a real sports car...
Visit Central Park...
Save the world...
Chase your wildest dreams...
Or blow up a building site...
You’ll be with Vicki every step of the way!

Each chapter is a short set piece that leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next. This novel will appeal to over-thirty female fans of general fiction, and literature by Jan Morris and J. B. Priestly, authors who B. J. Haynes takes inspiration from.

My first book, 'The Road to Elysium' (ISBN 1-9oo467) has sold almost 1000 copies. I sell them mainly through public speaking engagements and my local bookshop. For 'Victoria's Park' I hope to sell copies in garden centres nationwide and I have a number of outlets interested, inc. a well known chain of nineteen spread across the country. I also intend to advertise widely through the newspaper group that I write for and get some valuable free publicity. I have a loyal band of readers and around 12000 households receive the paper each week. I intend to launch the book and do a signing at a very large garden centre or, better still, a large park (one which is mentioned in the book) although I think Central Park, New York may be out of the question! My main character, Vicki Smith, is an ordinary person who wants to do something most of us can only dream about. If you have ever wanted to visit Central Park, save the world or make a very big bang, you'll be with her every step of the way!

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B. J. Haynes

Hi, I'm semi-retired having worked in the Travel Trade for most of my life. Having moved up to the 'swamp part' of Lincolnshire, I have started a new career as a freelance writer. I published a small book back in 2003 and this inspired me to write for magazines and newspapers. I also write a weekly column for the East Lindsey Target Series, which covers a large part of the County. This is my first novel and it is based on the idea that dreams can come true, even if sometimes they turn out a little different than you might expect.

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