Troubador Twofold

Released: 28/12/2021

eISBN: 9781803138404

Format: eBook

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Two men’s lives are transformed after reading about themselves in the newspaper.

Aaron absconds after recognising his face in a police identity kit. Caradoc, wedded to his work, feels he has few options available to him after learning of his dismissal and returns to the small rural town of his boyhood. Against a backdrop of the dramatic and rugged Australian Sapphire Coast, the two men seek to start anew. Their paths converge and friendships form as they find solace in the natural environment, their love of the ocean, understanding their sense of place, and learning to appreciate their immediate surroundings.

Motivated by a need to belong, yet continuing to address notions of disconnection, the draw of family is strong. Relationships are tested as they must confront their pasts. Can we atone for and escape our former lives?

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John Glynn

John Glynn was born in Malawi (then known as Nyasaland). The family moved often, living in towns across Zambia and Zimbabwe. He completed his first degree in Durban, South Africa and his second degree in Sydney, Australia. John currently lives in Sydney, after spending some years working in London, England.

Retired, John is intent on pursuing his love of travel and the outdoors. The Covid-19 lockdowns resulted in John having a go, daring, to write fiction, the results of which are now two novels, Twofold and Transfrontier. John is writing his third novel and remains set on seeing the world.

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