Troubador Two Weeks To Live

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789018523

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Two Weeks To Live


George Longworth has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, his teenage son is convinced a huge asteroid is making its way towards Earth. Conclusion: he’s doomed either way.

Deciding to go on a trip of a lifetime to Australia with his family, George and his (apparently psychic) St Bernard dog, Bernard, unwittingly stumble into celebrity status when they meet Aboriginal elder Jenny Moynahan and rising NRL star Jamal Jawai. They also have doubts about the Earth’s longevity. And yet, despite the struggles of sudden fame, one question overrides them all: can Bernard save the world from destruction beyond imagination? Or do we all only have two weeks to live?

My new book, 'Two Weeks to Live' will be published this Spring. Here is a brief synopsis.

George Longworth is suffering from terminal cancer. His teenage son - along with an amateur American astronomer - believes that a rogue asteroid heading to Earth may kill him first. Indeed, may kill everybody on the planet first. They are not alone in this belief. Deep in the Australian outback, a sage Aboriginal elder called Jenny Moynahan has gazed at the stars in the night sky and also thinks that the Earth is in mortal danger. Jenny is impoverished, but well-connected. A talented Aboriginal boy - Jamal Jawai - whom she has nurtured and encouraged since his youth has matured into a high profile sportsman in Sydney, becoming a star of the National Rugby League and a favoured celebrity on national television.

When George flies Down Under with his family for the final holiday of a lifetime, the strings of the story become entwined. George unwittingly stumbles into celebrity status...along with his dog. Bernard the St Bernard is the Merlin of the canine world, capable - according to George at least - of understanding every word his master says and of predicting the future. Newspapers and myriad media outlets pour scorn and admiration in equal measure.

“Two Weeks to Live” takes a humdrum English family and catapults them to world fame as luminaries such as the USA president and NASA boffins bicker over whether a St Bernard dog and his master know better than some of the finest scientific minds on the planet.

The narrative is interlaced with humour, pathos and drama. Colourful characters clash and collude as all members of the Longworth family become entangled in a transglobal adventure with its origins in deep space.

But one crucial question underpins the family's struggle to cope with the international renown thrust upon them.

Can Bernard the dazzling dog save the world from death and destruction beyond imagination?

Peter Aspinall

January 2019

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Peter Aspinall

Peter Aspinall is a former full-time professional newspaper journalist who has just completed his first novel, 'The Tour.'

The book - although based on a cricket tour - is not a sports book, in fact, no knowledge of any sporting discipline is required no matter what shape the ball.

Rather it is festooned with humour, jolly banter and adventure, a comedy romp which is very much character-driven as a colourful band of troubadors from the north of the country embark on a rollicking sojourn south of the border.

Set in 1981- the same year as the famous 'Botham' Ashes Test - the hardy band encounters travails, tribulations and trouble.

Although humour and warm wit are its mainstays, the work is underscored by a sobering moral thread running throughout, one which skewers several of the main characters on to the horns of same painful dilemmas indeed, changing lives and attitudes for ever.

Yet the work is warm and welcoming, woven from the broad tapestry of the English language.

It contains no sex, no violence, no bad language...and not a lot of cricket.

Peter Aspinall

September 2011.

Peter Aspinall
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