Troubador Treasure Trove

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784624989

eISBN: 9781784626594

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Treasure Trove

The Whitborough Novels


Treasure Trove is a joyous romp of a comedy novel taking place in a Yorkshire seaside town and revolving around a whole host of amusing characters of questionable integrity and their search for ancient treasure. It’s 1983 and Easter weekend dawns in the upmarket town of Whitborough-on-Sea, but events unfolding behind the scenes conspire to ruin any prospect of a prosperous and peaceful holiday. A Spanish Armada treasure is discovered – and lost. An ancient curse is reawakened and the town’s adopted ship is sunk by a civil war cannonball. Though these three incidents appear unconnected, they are the start of a wider catastrophe that befalls the authorities and the forces of law and order. Who are the architects behind this orgy of violence, sabotage and destruction? Russian saboteurs, the IRA or local criminals??Treasure Trove is the first book in the Whitborough series, and is a laugh-out-loud novel that will appeal to fans of Tom Sharpe’s novels, David Croft and Jim Perry.

I will be selling Treasure trove again, at the Whitby Goth Festival in the Autumn; after a tremendous first appearance in April at Whitby leisure centre, where I sold 127 copies. I have also secured a place in the dealers room at the forthcoming Discworld convention over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

I am compiling a booklet called 'the Whitborough companion' for fans of the books. Which will have photos of local people who have agreed to assume the roles of some of the stories main characters. There will also be pictures and signs representing all the locations featured and more maps and illustrations.

I will also be selling T-shirt designs in the very near future possibly at Oliver's Mount Races and the Download Festival. Book two should be available next March. I'm also appearing at Fantasticon in Hull on the 19th & 20th Nov.

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How good is this? Absolutely wonderful. I just keep re- reading it because it's so good. The humour and dialogue is so sharp and witty, though it's quite a complex story, there are lots of different viewpoints which can trip you up, though the action does drag in quite a few characters. Like an old fashioned epic that's morphed into a comedy. I hope the sequel is up to the same standard, it could turn into something quite special. More please

by Julie Wainwright

I like this a lot, it's something I keep picking up to re-read, because the conversations between the characters are so funny. The set pieces are fantastically conceived. Reading the more violent events is a enough to make you wince - and grin. 8/10

by Jayne Dorritt

Great read, quite gripping for such a clever comedy. Loved it.

by Andy Maine

Has the same feel as Phoenix Nights. Fantastic read.

by Rob Sharpe

Toilet humour of the highest quality. My son would love this but he's not getting his hands on it just yet.

by Michael French

A very good book indeed. Nicely paced and multi layered with a a story that pulls in the most interesting an dysfunctional set of characters since The Office. Cleverly written and very satisfying.

by Trudi Gates

Sucks you in and then padlocks you to the chair. Frequent scene changes reflect the pace, so some concentration required. Full of great lines and wicked humour.

by kath brownlee

Very funny story, really well written. 8 out of ten.

by Dan Coffey

Stonkin loved it. The werewolf scenes were hilarious. MORE.

by Jez Woods

full of laughs made me miss my lift, what you want from a book. My daughter loves it

by Jen Swann

Full of joy and mischief, skillfully realised with some terrific verbal dyelling between the characters. Very accomplished.

by Maria Carter

Packed full of laughs. Some hilarious conversational flights and eye watering violence. As good as TI'm Sharpe without question. Mr Laverstoke is a storyteller of some skill.

by Kate Harryman

Unusual and addictive, and crammed with crazy people. Pass it on.

by Cheryl Kendall

I fully enjoyed Treasure Trove. I was fully engaged, in fact I enjoyed the whole book in one day. Very unusual for me; like the cockroach that arrived with my truck from South Carolina: "I couldn't put it down".

Treasure Trove put me in mind of Tom Sharpe and made me chuckle.

I plan on a second reading before the sequel is out :)

by ABR

Quirky and unusual. Full of quick fire dialogue and some gruesome accidents. Great chemistry and characterization though there is a lot to take in and the story moves pretty fast. The precursor is almost as long as one of Clive Cussler's but it does set up the plot quite nicely for what's to follow. A good book for older teenagers but not for pre-teens. This is a book for adults.

by Edd Cross

Treasure Trove is impossible to pigeonhole. It leaps with the rapidity of a comic strip from one scene to another. Alistair Lavers deploys his fertile imagination in this surreal and anarchic romp along the Whitborough coast. The riotous assemblage of larger-than-life characters includes bikers, a coven of Satanists, bumbling policemen, a werewolf, the grandson of a Luftwaffe bomb technician, a dotty aristocrat – and a bevy of earthy Yorkshire folk.

An opening section, written in mock Olde English, describes the concealment at the end of the Civil War of the treasure chest which is the subject of the yarn. Purple passages worthy of Thomas Hardy give way to dialogue in broad Yorkshire. The treasure is cursed (of course) and amid the general mayhem of the book’s explosive end – it is hilarious despite the carnage – the town’s adopted Royal Navy destroyer is sunk by a Civil War canon ball and the Mayor’s helicopter is shot down.

Hold on to your seats! This is a book that should appeal to Terry Pratchett addicts.

by E Miller

Small book, big meal. This is very satisfying on many levels. 7 out of 10. Because it ends too soon. Presmably there is a sequel.

by Dennis Frey

A good antidote to a cold afternoon. Finished this in one sitting with some Claret. Read it again the next day. Actually better the second time around. Mr Boldwood the landlord is quite a character. Giggles guaranteed.

by John Patrick

Complicated and busy but quite sharp and witty. Quite a handful.

by Jay

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