Troubador Through a Fractured Door

Released: 28/02/2021

ISBN: 9781800461703

eISBN: 9781800468986

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Through a Fractured Door


As a teenager, Lee Agazzi’s life is blighted by his father’s bullying when he does not shine at school. This culminates in him being forced from the house by his angry father when he fails most of his O Levels. 

Thanks to the kindness of friends, Lee finds somewhere to live and employment as an apprentice joiner. He also meets Anna, who sees beyond the traumatised teenager to the fine man he will one day become. Far from being the abject failure his father predicted Lee is actually a happily married man of substance.  

When his much-loved daughter encounters the same difficulties at school, Lee finds himself in danger of responding in the same manner as his father. Her difficulties are attributed to dyslexia and Lee finally begins to understand the condition that has shaped his life. But is it too late for him to forge a reconciliation with his father? 

A novel of hope and redemption – as one man struggles to overcome the many problems and issues of his life. He comes to realise that many of these stem from his own dyslexia and the misconceptions and attitudes of others which surround it.

A refreshingly different story of how a young man, against the odds, overcomes trauma and adversity. It is a gentle tail of how Lee, the main character, is able to rebuild his self-worth and confidence with the help and love of compassionate friends who become his new family. There is tragedy, romance and intrigue. It is a delight to discover that this young man has a true sense of family values, along with a strong belief in right and wrong. Although the ending is somewhat predictable, you are left feeling that the Agazzi family will overcome their tragedy and move forward positively with their lives. A very enjoyable read which I would highly recommend.

by Diana Vickery

The story of Lee and Anna touches so many aspects of life – love, hate, insecurity, certainty, good and bad experiences and perhaps most important forgiveness.

I thoroughly recommend it to both male and female readers – it really does contain something for everyone. It would be an incredible addition to the reading curriculum in schools. I’m sure everyone will recognise something of their own life in the words.

by Sheila Austin

A beautiful story of love conquering adversity. Lee Agazzi has a difficult start to his adult life when he is literally kicked out of his boyhood home by an overbearing and uncompassionate father. Cast out into an unfamiliar world he must take steps to get established in society and prove his father's predictions about the fruitfulness of his life, wrong. Will he rise to the challenge? Will he ever forgive his father?

A gripping prologue grabs the reader from the start and keeps the intrigue going to the last page.

An excellent and imaginative first novel by this new author, who also provides his own illustrations to accompany the dialogue. Easy to read but compelling from start to finish.

by Stuart Anderson

I really enjoyed this book by Colin Mellor, who shows real insight into the problems encountered by those who experience dyslexia. It is a realistic and entertaining story, that I recommend to anyone. I will watch out for more from the same author.

by Alan Edwards

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