Troubador The Winds that Blow Before the Rains

Released: 01/01/2013

ISBN: 9781780883625

eISBN: 9781780887159

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Winds that Blow Before the Rains


An African freedom fighter, a Special Forces soldier and the woman who loved them both.

It is the summer of 1972 and Zimbabwe is at war. Amid the violence, Sengamo is framed for the rape of a white girl. He is forced to flee his village kraal for the killing fields of Mozambique, where an enemy soldier spares his life in a chance encounter that has far reaching consequences.

Isabella lives a quiet life, alone on a remote farm in the hills of Nyanga. But her peaceful world is threatened when Mugabe's henchmen set up camp in the valley, waiting for their chance to strike and reclaim the land. Despite the danger, she refuses to abandon the home she loves and the ghosts that inhabit it. One day a stranger arrives at the farm. It is the start of a love affair that will change Isabella s world forever and bring Sengamo closer to his destiny.

Out of the brutality of Zimbabwe emerges a hauntingly beautiful love story; an unforgettable tale of a tragic country, where extraordinary allegiances triumph over segregation.

WOW!!! What a story... Fantastic read!!!!!

by J. McLaughlin

This has to be one of the best books I have ever read on Africa. The characters bring to life a story that is at times both brutal and beautiful but a story that shows there is indeed hope in Africa. A powerful read.

by The Avid Reader

Can't put the book down once I started! This will be the book for spring/summer reading in 2013...... Get the word out!!!!!! This is the real deal,,,

by Jim Redd/USA

What an absorbing book which I really recommend to anyone with an interest in Africa. It manages to combine an adventure, a romance and an interesting and insightful look into the events surrounding the expulsion of white farmers for Zimbabwe and left me with a desire to learn more about this subject.

by shaun mccarthy

Is was given a copy of the book by the autors wife
I have just finished
Fantastic an emotional touching journey i have been on
Tell everyone to read this book it touches us all

by Jo Guy

One of the most amazing books I have read. Once you start reading it, you will not be able to put it down. They should make it into a movie! A fantastic insight into how the recent troubles in Africa has affected all people, told through a beautiful love story.

by Philip

An amazing story about rhodesia now Zimbabwe a must read lots of factual information but a wonderful love story you must all buy it

by joan holland

I have been on a beautifully described journey,this book has everything,I was held from page one,and had no idea how it would end,factual with a wonderful story of struggle and passion.

by Delphine Robinson

A compelling a book. The Author’s deep emotional connection to Zimbabwe and its people shines through the story of the main characters. Beautifully written. The tragedy that is Zimbabwe is balanced by love and passion for the country.

by Wal Budzynski

A powerful and compelling narrative of a time and place and a conflict now largely forgotten. I have travelled through this beautiful and once prosperous country and the books depiction of this troubled decade resonates with a powerful imagery of live and loves lost. Not to be read quickly but I do recommend you buy/borrow and lose yourself in it
A great first novel by an author who writes from the heart Excelleny 10/10

by c. revel-homfray

A master of his craft Michael Anthony weaves the violent political history of Rhodesia’s transition to Zimbabwe into the impact this has on the lives of its people seen through the eyes of the main players in this captivating tale. Michael Anthony captures the heart and soul of two men with the same values separated by the colour of their skin and the accident of birth. This fast moving and gripping novel reveals the beauty of this part of Africa and the inhumanity that is destroying it. An excellent read.

by Dr Gordon Foulkes

A richly absorbing book that brings alive the tragedy that is Zimbabwe. Maybe fiction can bring about change where diplomacy and law have utterly failed. Mike's love of the country, of its culture, its landscape and its people, both black and white, comes through with great intensity. The horrors are real and vivid - and continuing. Yet through these horrors, the novel paints a deeper picture of the joys of love, nature and reconciliation that must one day be possible. This would make a great movie: photogenic, passionate and painful. A movie to bring about change.

by Edward Gildea

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