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Released: 28/06/2014

ISBN: 9781783064113

eISBN: 9781783066827

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Tale of the Two Virgins


It is 1963. When General Franco, right-wing leader of Spain, decides to take a short break in the small fishing town of Los Tidos, incognito, of course, a catalogue of events is set in motion that could never have been foreseen by his long-suffering security team... The outward appearance of Los Tidos is deceptive. Within the bougainvillea-clad exterior live a rich cast of characters, some of whom have love on their minds; others, murder. While local carpenter Jaime tries with limited success to find love using a dating agency, his friend Pepe plots to poison his harridan wife, and town drunk Uncle Pablo causes mischief wherever he goes. Pablo’s dog, Waldorf, becomes entangled in the poisoning plot with near-calamitous consequences and a honey trap intended to kidnap General Franco goes disastrously wrong when the honey in question mistakes Uncle Pablo for the Spanish dictator. And all the time, Los Tidos’ priest, Father Miguel, is worrying about where he might find two saintly figures for the town’s Feast of the Two Virgins, an event only celebrated in Los Tidos every 25 years... Set against the backdrop of 1960s Spain, The Tale of the Two Virgins is a rollicking tale of murderous plans, mistaken identities and convoluted affairs of the heart. It is ultimately a light, humorous read that will appeal to a wide range of readers.

The Silent Passage

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*****A great read
I'm not a book worm - far from it. I enjoy reading newspapers and magazines but that's about it. So, when someone strongly recommended and suggested that I should read this book I reluctantly made a start on it. To my surprise I found that I couldn't put the book down for any length of time and completed it very quickly.

The mysterious preface hooked me straight away. It would have some bearing but at this stage there was no clue as to what that could be. A gruesome tale of the unexpected with a strong storyline and many threads of which you have no idea of their relevance or where they are going but cleverly come together in the latter stages of the book.

The characters and storylines are interesting, captivating and enjoyable and stand up in their own right.

The author, Jenny Francis, has another book titled 'The Tale of the Two Virgins' which I will have no reluctance in reading!

*****A page turner
If like me you're always looking for new crime thrillers to read then this is definitely one to try! It's a really pacey thriller with a nice build up of tension and intrigue that keeps you guessing who the culprit is all the way through, culminating in an unexpected ending with a delicious twist! Detective Moon is a good solid character investigating a particularly gruesome murder, downtrodden by his superiors at times he is determined to solve the crime regardless of the obstacles put in his way. I'm hoping there will be more of him to come!
A terrific read.
*****A terrific read
This is a cracking crime story, perfectly capturing the atmosphere

Other readers' comments

'Couldn't put it down. Just had to keep on reading.'

'Hooked from the word go.'

'A refreshing change from the usual crime thriller.'


'Kept me guessing right to the end.'

'A real page turner.'

The Tale of the Two Virgins

Customer Reviews from

A Delightful Read
*****A delightful read
Having read this author’s other book "The Silent Passage" and absolutely loving it I thought I'd give this one a go too! The two books couldn't be more different but I have to say that this one was equally enjoyable! There is a lot going on and it's all set in the lovely back drop of a sleepy Spanish town. From attempted murder and kidnapping to dating agency disasters and local bar owner disputes! All of these stories then beautifully and amusingly entwine as the book progresses and the locals find themselves caught up in all sorts of intrigue and mayhem. It's delightfully gentle and amusing, considering the subjects covered, and well worth a read!

****A wickedly funny story set in a dark period of Spain’s history
A wickedly funny story set in a dark period of Spain's history. It is difficult to know which character is the most ridiculous in a delightful series of misunderstandings!
*****Very funny

When I reviewed another Jenny Francis novel namely The Silent Passage I stated that I was not an avid reader except for newspapers and magazine articles. This remains so. However having loved the Silent Passage I felt moved to give The Tale of the Two Virgins a try. Completely different to the Silent Passage, I'm so glad I did. I found it a very easy, fun and enjoyable read - sometimes slightly complex but in a good way. Full of surprises, you never know which way the plot is going and what the outcome will be. All the characters are so likeable (sometimes not in a good way) whether they are human or four legged. A really highly amusing, enjoyable and light hearted book. Can't wait for the next Jenny Francis novel.
Other readers' comments

'Hilarious. Great characters.'

'Loved the dog.'

'Love, politics, religion and murder combine to make this a very funny read.'

'Spain as it used to be. Captured perfectly.'

'Places where I simply roared with laughter.'

'Carefully constructed plot. All sorts of unexpected twists and turns including the guest appearance of Franco.'

Very amusing and lighthearted! Plus the plot kept turning and kept you turning the pages! Fun read.

by NetGalley review

This is a rollicking tale of murderous plans, mistaken identities and convoluted affairs of the heart. The history of the time is interesting. It is a light, and humorous read that should appeal to a wide range of readers.

by Judy Trytek

Entertaining and well-written. It was a book that I couldn’t put down. Liked it a lot. Read it quickly.

by Janeille Lewis

A clever, fun and well written farce. Reminiscent of John Steinbeck's more humorous tales (Tortilla Flats, Cannery Row).

This is the kind of farcical story that is rarely seen today. A case of mistaken identity, missed connections, oddball characters... and a stray dog who seems at times to be an agent of fate. I literally laughed out loud while reading this book.

I recommend The Tale of the Two Virgins to all readers.

by Micheal Langston

Hilton Catt and Patricia Scudamore writing as Jenny Francis

Careers authors Patricia Scudamore and Hilton Catt are the writing team behind the novels by Jenny Francis. Jenny Francis is another, very different face of scudamorecatt and she brings to life one of the central messages in their work which is how everybody can utilise and transfer their pot of skills to move into exciting new fields. The first two Jenny Francis novels – The Silent Passage and The Tale of The Two Virgins – were published in 2014.

Patricia Scudamore

Hilton Catt
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