Troubador The Strangest Party

Released: 31/03/2014

eISBN: 9781783066452

Format: eBook

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The Strangest Party


Contemporary Britain: post credit crunch. After working the ‘boom years’ at the start of this century, how can five people adjust to a world of budgeting and making provisions, and what happens when they realise their dreams, wants and desires could all be unachievable?

The Strangest Party is a fast-paced novel that depicts today’s Britain in all of its financially troubled glory. Somerset-based author Alexander Scott explores just what happens to the children of the ‘boom years’ at the beginning of this century when they grow up and have to deal with a completely different world.

The story follows five individuals who embraced abundance with enthusiasm while Britain excelled culturally and economically under New Labour. Now, after the financial downturn, their next few decisions could send their lives out of control…

With their lives dominated by habits, hangovers and hard times, each character finds the years slipping away from them. Fear, jealousy and lust creep in and their downfall begins – but what if a new dream can be created? Can a person really change a path that feels so set?

“As soon as I finished Junky by William S Burroughs, I switched the computer on and started The Strangest Party,” Alexander comments. “I took the responsibility to write the type of book I wanted to read – one that is relevant to the world we live in.”

What a wonderful poignant, touching book. Will definitely be looking out for more work by this author.

by Claire Meadows

Alexander Scott

ALEXANDER SCOTT puts his creative ability, in part, down to his grandmother who painted, played musical

instruments and enjoyed reading and writing. After a decade working as a DJ, with various gigs in Guildford,

Surbiton and Weston-Super-Mare, he rediscovered writing. Alexander is influenced by his fathers strong political convictions and the social ideology that he learnt from the culture surrounding house music.

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