Troubador The Spirit and the Flesh

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789018141

eISBN: 9781838596774

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Spirit and the Flesh


Paul Thompson, a lapsed Catholic, is departing for a weekend in Amsterdam with his university housemates – Roger, a non-religious liberal interested in pleasure seeking, and Sean, a theology student and Catholic with strong religious convictions. An unlikely group, they nevertheless head to the pubs and restaurants of Amsterdam, arguing and debating life’s deepest moral and spiritual issues along the way.

As the conversation winds through the vivid setting of Amsterdam, Paul finds himself intellectually moved closer to his faith as the other two discuss. When a moral temptation is thrown into his path, Paul is left to his own internal debate: listen to an angel or a demon? Submit to the spirit or the flesh?

T. J. Dias presents a heated, fiery clash of opposing worldviews in this unique, thought-provoking novel. 

This has to be the best read I have ever picked up, I heartily recommend you pick it up and read, I have learnt so much from this easy to read biblical history lesson and changed my ways in the process !! Well done ....

by Darren liquorish

I enjoyed reading the book and Terry makes some good points even though I do not agree with everything he writes. There is plenty to think about especially for a new Christian as Terry is very clear in his understanding of theology.
Well done for having a go and willing to share your beliefs with the wider world.

by Tineke Thurlow

This really was a thought providing novel, the characters were great and I enjoyed the spiritual ascent of the novel.

by Kay

An interesting book that's more like a Platonic dialogue than a novel. Three housemates, one of whom is a devout Catholic, go to Amsterdam for the weekend. Two of them, an agnostic and a lapsed Catholic, plan a weekend of debauchery. The Catholic does not. In the course of conversations over the weekend, Sean, the Catholic, provides a compelling case for belief to both Roger, the agnostic, and Paul, the lapsed Catholic.

The questions asked by Roger are good and Sean answers them correctly and well.

The book makes for great apologetic reading and is an excellent introduction to Catholicism.

by Janet

T. J. Dias

T.J. Dias was born in Leicester and attended Leicester University, studying Economic and Social History. In 1998 he spent a term at Leiden University in the Netherlands, becoming familiar with the city of Amsterdam where his debut is set. He is also a born-again Catholic, holding strict orthodox views.

Book signing at Holy Cross Priory, Leicester, June 2019.
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