Troubador The Redemption of Don Calogero

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788037655

Format: Paperback

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The Redemption of Don Calogero


How do men with power and influence rise to the top?  Is it through naked ambition, altruism, self-interest or luck?


A new young pope is elected.  Five years later he mysteriously disappears. It is immediately apparent to the church elite that he has, as Arthur Daley would have said, ‘done a runner.’  What on earth is going on?  Why has he done it?  Where is he?  Will he return?


The search for the absconder is led by the Vatican’s Machiavellian secretary of state and soon involves: an openly gay bishop and his policeman partner; the Sicilian mafia; a peculiar band of militaristic religious hermits, and even a BBC natural history presenter.


The story can be read at different levels.  First, it is a ‘ripping yarn’ with larger than life characters and is set in exotic locations ranging from an impoverished Caribbean island to the Dolomites. It deals with concepts such as temptation, betrayal, ambition, disillusion and fear of death.  Ultimately, it is a thought-provoking story of sacrifice and redemption posing the question: what does it mean to be a ‘good man’.

The Redemption of Don Calogero has generated sales on four continents and has sold particularly well in Norway, Australia and the USA as well as the United Kingdom.

W H Smith in Alnwick are promoting the book in-store and there will be a book signing on Saturday 26 May. If you live in the area do come along and 'Meet the Author'!

The book signing was a huge success and a number of public speaking engagements to promote the book have now been agreed. The presentation: 'Everything you ever needed to know about how not to write a novel' (I don't take myself seriously!) is superficially flippant but, at a deeper level, more considered. It is based on the notion that Christopher Columbus, on his voyage of discovery, had only a vague idea where he was going when he set off, was not at all sure where where he was when he reached the New World and, as it turns out, had absolutely no idea where he had been when he returned.

The Redemption of Don Calogero is similar. Read it as a silly story (although Arkady Babchenko and his team appear to have read the book already) but there are deeper levels of meaning - if you think about it!

Northumberland Gazette

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Robert Croft

Robert was raised in Kenya and Australia. He spent a lifetime in education working in places as diverse as Papua New Guinea and China. The Redemption of Don Calogero is his debut novel although he has also had three ESL books published by NKS Forlaget in Oslo. He lives in Nothumberland in peaceful retirement!

Book signing at W H Smith Alnwick.
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