Troubador The Polygamist

Released: 04/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785898860

eISBN: 9781785897764

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Polygamist


In The Polygamist, William Irvine explores love, sex, and marriage within the context of an unusual household. An exploration of sexual fantasy and desire, ultimately The Polygamist is a coming of age story with a strong spiritual theme. 

Set at the end of the seventies, a time when experimentation with alternative lifestyles and sexual relationships was rife, The Polygamist follows the fortunes of Omar Al Ghamdi, Saudi-born but educated in the West; a man who is the product of two irreconcilable cultures.After two decades he has come to experience philandering as increasingly superficial; but vehemently opposed to monogamous fidelity, turns to polygamy as the solution to his high turnover existence. His hope is that taking several wives will provide him with a more honest and satisfying alternative, allowing him to engage in deeper relationships whilst still giving a long enough leash to his sexuality. Having pursued his goal without compromise by entering into serial arranged marriages, he lives with his household on a remote house on Colva Beach in Goa. Does the reality live up to the dream? And, what is it like for the women? How can one man possibly satisfy multiple female partners? 

Written from an unashamedly male perspective, The?Polygamist will appeal to those wishing to understand male sexuality and the desires that shape all of our lives and relationships.

On March 1st The Polygamist was made a Finalist in adult fiction category of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Winners will be announced 1st April 2018.

On July 21st 2017 The Polygamist achieved Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller ranking.

Midwest Book Review





Omar is an educated womaniser, born in Saudi Arabia but brought up in England. He redeems himself by settling down with wives from different countries and caring for them all. He delights in the different sexual and emotional pleasures each offers. It is very interesting to see how he develops a meaningful and intimate relationship with each woman, and how the women react with each other. Omar and his wives find contentment. By the end, Omar has ceased to be a playboy and is free to develop spiritually.

by GP

I really enjoyed this book. It was one of those books that i had to stay up to finish reading. Some people may have an issue with the subject matter but I didn't you just have to remember it is a work of fiction. This book was well written and enjoyable. I rarely give a book a 5 star but in my opinion this book deserved it. Yes i would recommend this book as I felt it was a fantastic read.

by Luisa

While not my favourite genre, I really liked the book. It was a light and an easy read. While books about the protagonist trying to "finds his/her place" are not uncommon, this one takes a different path to explore the subject.

by Magdalena

I needn't have feared that this would turn out to be a male "Fifty Shades"... This is a moving, thoughtful, witty, occasionally surprising but above all unusual portrait of a man behaving often poorly, sometimes wisely and always clumsily while striving in a loving but deeply selfish way for happiness. The author has managed to craft a main character whom the reader dislikes and yet cannot help but wish well.

If there is any justice this - much wiser and more engaging - novel would surpass EL James's tiresome, cotton candy titillation. But in any event it is a most estimable accomplishment for (what I assume is) an author's first published work.

by iBooks Reviewer

I purchased this book through the Matador website because the subject matter appeared 'interesting'. I was not disappointed. The scene construction was excellent and characterisation believable, with Omar and his wives each having their own positive points as well as idiosyncrasies.

by Paige Elizabeth Turner

William  Irvine

WILLIAM IRVINE visited India for the first time in 1978, to rural Bihar as a volunteer worker, staying at a leprosy hospital. It was to be the start of a lifelong relationship. He read philosophy, his other passion, at Sussex University. He is currently an IT consultant with one of modern India's technology behemoths.

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