Troubador The Lying Game

Released: 01/08/2012

ISBN: 9781780882833

Format: Paperback

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The Lying Game


Paul Darling has lost his short term memory. He remembers everything about himself except where he is now, how he got there and why there is a dead body in the next room that looks like him. 

He flashes back to his mundane childhood in boring Bournemouth, which he seeks to escape from by becoming a skillful liar and fantasist. At sixteen, his life changes dramatically when he has a serious bicycle accident and, a few months later, his father lapses into a vegetative state. He starts work as a trainee journalist on the local newspaper and, fortuitously, breaks a dramatic story which hits the national press. This success is short-lived and he remains stuck in Bournemouth until a meeting with an old friend lands him a job and a move to London. Once there, his rise is rapid. He soon has friends in high places, an aristocratic girlfriend and a job at the Daily Mail. 

And then, he is headhunted by a mysterious organisation, Anderson Consulting, run by a sinister duo: Colin and David. The work involves cleaning up problems which threaten the stability of the government and the country. Paul discovers a talent for the tasks he is given and also feels a sense of achievement. However, he starts to have doubts about some of the assignments and worries about just how far the organisation is going to solve problems. Are they having people killed?

He wants out, but Colin and David cannot afford to let him go. In an attempt to fight back, he discovers something about Colin and David which puts him in great danger. He becomes convinced that they are trying to have him killed and plans his escape. But will he get away in time?

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This is a well crafted story which kept me intrigued to the end. I liked the straightforward storyline which I found rather too close for comfort at times - very relevant given all we now know about our national press.

by ZB

Stephen Goldenberg

I was born in London and have lived there most of my life. I studied for a law degree at Oxford University but subsequently decided to train to be a secondary school English and Media Studies teacher. I taught in inner London comprehensives until taking early retirement to concentrate on my writing.

During my teaching career, I co-edited and wrote articles for a radical education magazine, edited and produced teaching books and materials for schools' television and edited two books of teaching resources for Hutchinsons. I contributed stories to a publication Teachers as Writers and to Waterfront, a writers' magazine published by Waterman's Art Centre. I also wrote occasional articles for other educational publications including the TES and contributed to broadcasts on Radio 4. In the mid-1980s I wrote a novel, The Lesson, which received some positive feedback. I self-published my second novel, Stony Ground, a few years ago.

I now divide my time between London and an old stone house in South-Western France which I've renovated with my partner. My next novel will be set in London and South-West France.

As well as writing, I'm an avid reader and enjoy walking, cycling, cinema and theatre-going and watching football.

Me on the Isle of Mull
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