Troubador The London Trilogy

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783061259

Format: Paperback

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The London Trilogy

Riding House Street, Nine Elms Lane & Kings Scholar's Passage to Vauxhall Bridge Road


This is a trilogy about three young men finding the fulfillment of their youthful ambitions, from the late 1980s onwards, in rock music and journalism, up to the present day and middle age.

As middle age comes on, each must accept a wider responsibility for their past sins. Having either emigrated to or been born in London, all of them become caught up in tantalising opportunities in the capital to fulfill their ambitions of success and fame. Each of them also finds that success comes with an immense price for them personally, and private failures that unmercifully torment them. Their hopeful idealism and dreams become tainted by ruthlessness, opportunism and betrayal of their principles.

As each character grows older, he realises he wants to redeem himself and somehow resolve the worst things he has perpetrated in his life – but true redemption requires genuine sacrifice; one even more intense and difficult than their hard-won successes of the past. It may be more than any of them can endure. All of this happens against the background of London’s fantastic, fabulous variety and wealth and exoticism, opportunity and glamour, corruption and poverty and loneliness and harshness. Its pitfalls, rewards and insatiable demands as a fast-moving cultural and media capital are a significant part of the novel’s tone, with an intensified sense of time and place.

Edward?St.?Boniface takes inspiration from a wide range of authors, including?Ray Bradbury, Mark Z. Danielewski and?David Foster Wallace. The?London Trilogy is a work of adult contemporary fiction that will appeal to fans of highbrow and literary novels, bildungsromans and satire.


Edward St.Boniface will be giving a talk on the practical details and process of self publishing on the London radio station RESONANCE104.4fm at 11:30am on Thursday 27 February, repeated on Monday 3 March at 4pm.


Edward St.Boniface will be giving a talk on self publishing and launching his 'London Trilogy' from 6pm-7:30pm on the evening of Tuesday, 25 February 2014 at Pimlico Library, Lupus Street, Westminster. To book a place please contact the library at this email:


NINE ELMS LANE main character (also a gadfly in 'Riding House Street' and 'King's Scholar's Passage To Vauxhall Bridge Road') Evel Tyler has his own FACEBOOK page on which he shares his obnoxious opinionated odium with the rest of the internet population:!/evel.tyler.5

Annette Gisby in the UK and Sharlene Almond in New Zealand, have been kind enough to give me an author interview and first-three-chapters review respectively. Please view them at the links below.

ANNETTE GISBY author interview:

SHARLENE ALMOND blog review of the first three chapters of NINE ELMS LANE:

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Edward St. Boniface

I emigrated to London in 1986 as a young man from Canada and ever since have lived mostly there. London is the most exciting and difficult city to get on in. It has always been the main motivating background for my own adventures and misadventures. Love of all the opportunities and pitfalls and variety metropolitan life in a great city offers is perhaps its greatest continuing influence on me and my literary ambitions. Concentrating mainly on science fiction and fantasy in my writing over the decades, in 2010 I decided to pursue a new contemporaneous direction and THE LONDON TRILOGY eventually came out of this. It was somewhat to my surprise since I wasn't sure if I could make a story set only in the here and now work. Something clicked for me, though and I ended up with three full inter-related novels. In early 2013 I made the decision to try my luck at self publishing, a long cherished dream. Rather to my surprise at the tender age of 46 I've almost become a true old fogey from the young fogey I've assumed the guise of for so long...

The author with his best friend.

The London Trilogy illustrated by John Gallagher
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