Troubador The Last Dance

Released: 05/04/2007

ISBN: 9781905237739

Format: Paperback

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The Last Dance

Iniquities Trilogy I


The respectable facade of the Donaldson family in provincial Cheshire through the years following the Second World War is just that - a facade. The parents married for the wrong reasons - he because she was perfect for his needs; she to escape her family, and because there was a child on the way. He has another son, not his wife's; she has a daughter, not her husband's and these two children become very close as they grow up together. When it matters deeply the parents lie to their children: but perhaps they do not know the whole truth themselves. The courses of all their lives are irreparably changed as death and tragedy flow from those lies.

A very gripping read about the most dysfunctional family ever. It had me hooked from the start. A very original storyline. The relationships are quite complex, so best to read it in a short time. Good for a long journey or a holiday.

by Kate C

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