Troubador The Inportance of Being Maddison

Released: 28/08/2018

eISBN: 9781789011586

Format: eBook

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The Inportance of Being Maddison


An accurate, hilarious and deftly drawn portrait of “normal” family life seen through the eyes of a seven year old narrator, who means well but in whose steps disaster inevitably follows…


Meet the McLarens: There’s Maddie, our narrator, the 7 year old ‘pocket rocket’ with no ‘off’ switch. Liz, her permanently exhausted mum, who seems to spend her life in a state of permanent mortification or profound apology for her daughter. Dad, Joe, with his ‘Northern banter’ and inability to suffer fools lightly; big sister, Rachel, who at 21 sees her little sister as both a source of shocked amusement and an audacious personality to be secretly envied. And lastly big brother, Robbie, who at a hormonal nineteen years of age has a love-hate relationship with his frustrating little sister who frequently proves herself to be the bane of his life!


With an absorbing narrative and spiked with adult humour throughout, we follow Maddie’s quest to get an Xbox for Christmas, as promised, but on one condition - she must stay out of trouble for one whole year. Unfortunately Maddison being Maddison has difficulty staying out of trouble for one whole day! As frustrating as she is endearing, Maddison will leave you either cheering her on in the aisles - or simply wanting to throttle her!


Both parents and readers who delight in observational comedies will enjoy this cleverly written and heart-warming story about a very ordinary family who find themselves dealing with a gamut of crazy, embarrassing and frustrating situations thanks to their seven-year-old.

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