Troubador The Hut

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800462458

eISBN: 9781800469273

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Hut


If you met Arun when he first came to Kandra, and said that one day he’d sit beside a pool in a clearing and tell the story of his life, he wouldn’t thank you for it. Stories and poems belonged to a past he’d worked very hard to forget. And if you told him his audience would be Night itself, he’d probably laugh and walk away. 

Then again, if you’d met him when he was thirteen years old and said that instead of becoming a farmer like his father, he’d find himself on an extraordinary journey that would take him far from his hut in the valley to places he could never have dreamed of, he wouldn’t have believed you either. Although he’d have liked the idea; he’d always longed for the glamour and excitement of the wider world. 

His older self knew better. That journey was no quest for high adventure but a shattering of everything he’d ever known. From desert plains to fabled cities, he’d embark on a desperate search that would change his life utterly. He’d discover the value of friendship, and the meaning of home and family. And he’d learn the hardest lesson of all: that love and happiness come at a terrible cost. 

And if you sit beside Arun as he finishes his tale, he’ll tell you there is nothing more to say. He’d be wrong. There is a decision to be made, one final choice that could transform his life. But will he have the courage to make it?

This moving and beautiful novel about a young man's search to find his family takes the reader on an emotional journey through a timeless and richly imagined world.

This book is magnificent and heart breaking. it is also utterly compelling. The story picks you up and carries you like a magic carpet ride, through places and cultures that seem both familiar and exotic. Arun's story has adventure, loss, a quest, joy and redemption. There's also plenty of humour and wit. It is beautifully written, with the words sparkling and glowing like jewels and enamel on polished gold. I read it in electronic form and then got it in actual paper, and was amazed by how big a book it is, as I sped through it , desperate to find out what happened, and solve the mystery of Night, who is a cool silver thread running all the way through. I really recommend this as a brilliant piece of story telling.

by Alison Munro

I enjoyed this book it was well written with good character development/relatable characters and relatable moments that dealt with very raw emotions in a beautiful way. I would definitely recommend.

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by NetGalley review

This first novel by Zeeba Ansari offers a rich and immersive poetic journey, alongside Arun who embarks on a quest that changes him in numerous ways. The narrative is compelling and evokes dreamlike worlds, drawing on imagery of the Silk Road and the Crescent Spring and Library Caves of China. Zeeba is known as a poet and every sentence is beautifully constructed. A page-turner that is full of wonders.

by Victoria Fied

The Hut is such a compelling, beautifully told story that the reader finds it impossible to put down and is sad when the last page is turned, like parting from an old friend.

by Margaret Bacon

Zeeba is an amazing wordsmith. I know this book has been many years in the writing but it's so been worth the wait. A stunning debut novel. I loved every single gorgeous sentence.

by Jenny O'Connor

'A remarkable new world, vividly explored, with an entrancing thread of poetry running through the compelling narrative.'

by Robert Wilton

This book is a treasure. I was enthralled right from the beginning, being enticed into the story Arun was sharing with Night. Zeeba weaves such a rich world, and an evocation of human experience, in an environment outside my experience, yet sort of familiar from ancient tales. Arun has human qualities which had me despairing as well as cheering him on. I felt I was with him every step of the way, through the lows and the highs. I didn’t want the story to end, and I do hope there will be another book to follow. Highly recommended to anyone who loves good storytelling.

by Mary Lunnen

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