Troubador The House in Vienna

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783061785

Format: Paperback

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The House in Vienna


Philip Mason, a civil aviation expert, takes early retirement and buys a cattle farm in the Highlands of Kenya at the time of Kenya’s independence in 1965. He and his beautiful, fun-loving Austrian wife Maria love one another, their cattle farm and their idyllic surroundings. But fate deals them a cruel hand; their house catches fire and everything is lost. Rather than attempting to rebuild their lives in Kenya, they move to Austria. No one in the world could have imagined the traumatic adventure about to engulf the couple. Having bought a dream apartment in a beautiful 200 year-old mansion, right in the middle of Vienna’s First District, they live there happily for ten years. Then one day, their house suddenly starts vibrating. Due to maintenance neglect, areas of construction weakness become evident – and the house is moving! Will it collapse? Can something be done to save it? And what about the occupants of the nine apartments in the house? What about their characters? Are they reasonable and constructive, are they uncaringly apathetic, are they tricky, even consumed by greed? And what is their reaction when one of them is murdered? In short, what lies behind their façade of decency? As we progress through the remarkably unusual story of The?House in?Vienna, we learn a lot about the history, culture and architecture of Vienna, as well as of several parts of Austria. There are also excursions to Communist Viet Nam and the former USSR. The book will appeal to fans of literary, historical, thriller and expat fiction.

Vienna Times

….I must tell you how much I enjoyed The House In Vienna. I found myself glued to the book and once I started reading it, I could not put it down. The book is very well written and I enjoyed the plot, as well as all the interesting anecdotes and takeaways. I learnt so much about Vienna and its history, which I would not have found in a regular travel book. I cannot wait to visit Vienna, especially the cafes and have a cup of mélange. The House In Vienna will surely be one of my favourite books. I immensely enjoyed reading it and wish the book great success. I am sure the book will climb to the bestsellers list in no time.

by Academic, U.S.A.

5 out of 5 stars (Amazon). Viennese History and Intrigue!

A murder mystery, a travelogue, a lesson in culture and history and a romance story – all rolled into one. The author makes the case that old buildings need to be maintained – and that failing to do so may result in disastrous consequences! The characters come alive as they deal with the various events of the book, which include moving from one continent to another, dealing with a house that is crumbling, and trying to solve the murder. The House in Vienna is a dynamic, intricate thriller which will keep you turning the pages – it’s also a beautifully written account of life in East Africa and especially Austria with ‘side trips’ to Vietnam and the former Soviet Union.

by University Professor, U.S.A.

4 out of 5 stars (Amazon). I enjoyed the book very much.

It had an interesting plot and was also like a travelogue for three different countries. I especially enjoyed the history tour of Vienna. It was a love story, mystery, and education all rolled into one.

by Housewife, England

5 out of 5 stars (Amazon). A riveting book that takes you on a private tour of Vienna.

I like travelling and I've been quite a few times to Vienna but reading this book unveiled a new dimension. I was so absorbed by the story that I could not put the book down, and was thrilled to learn so much about this fascinating city as the plot unfolds.
The book is very well written, the plot is captivating and no travel guide will ever let you see the city in this way.

by Financial Analyst, Germany

5.0 out of 5 stars (Amazon). A thrilling romp taking in romance, history, travel and a spine tingling crime!

This book is an enjoyable romp and thriller, a witness to the author's obvious love of both east Africa and Austria, and a passing interest in countries that struggle with the collapse of Communist rule - Viet Nam and the former USSR.

With a focus on the title's eponymous building, the book took us on a journey from the dusty plains of east Africa through the chilly streets of Vienna, with a nod to the spy-filled city of the 1950s and 60s to an unexpected conclusion.

This book would be a great read for someone interested in thrillers, travelogue and romance spanning continents lives and loves. A crumbling building and vicious crime set the framework for the book.

The author makes a strong case for old buildings to be properly maintained and loved, with everyone benefiting from owners to tenants.

Central European cities such as Vienna have an air of mystery, distilled from centuries of hosting political, cultural and artistic people and events. This book gives an insight into the modern day intrigue that exists within walls of some very beautiful buildings, peeling away levels of facade and exposing hidden motives of a disparate bunch of characters`.

by Journalist, England

…. I could not put the book down! I was glued to it. It has an amazing story. I had no idea what maintenance neglect of a house can lead to. It is so well written….

by Canadianreader

….I would like to say how much I enjoyed The House In Vienna. The book is not only action packed; this a great lesson on the history of Austria and the architecture of Vienna….

by University Professor, USA

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