Troubador The Everything

Released: 02/05/2013

ISBN: 9781780881829

Format: Paperback

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The Everything


The what? The Everything?

On Oceanos at least, if you turn to a dictionary, you find this: ‘...Everything, the: a “everything” in the workaday sense of “all the things”; the world of physical objects and events in which we live. b “everything” in the more rarefied sense of “it all”; reality, the very fabric of existence, as a single undivided whole. c (principally scientific) space and time on the grand scale (see everythingology and everythingologist)...’

This book is about all of these. Along the way, you’ll discover the Freewheel Principle, Sky-Map Effect and Duckpondscope; there’s a whole new school or style of art (Blockism) and of philosophy (Structured Nonsense and its brain-frying Hot Air Theory); you meet the Gigantic Space Cheese and Incredible Shrinking Man And Dog, Magnum Opus’s awesome Monument and the great Bridge Between The Worlds. Ultimately, too, it’s about you the reader: how the Everything relates to our own familiar world and why you’re being told all this in the first place. And why are you being told all this? Well, the book’s subject is reality itself – and gives you a glimpse into its true nature you’ll never forget.

The Everything, which took shape over the best part of thirty years, is for anyone who likes philosophy, fiction (or, indeed, Structured Nonsense).

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Richard C. Cox

Since there has already been some debate about precisely what The Everything is, the facts we have, such as they are, are as follows:

First, although we have never met its author in person, we can confirm that besides writing it he also did all the illustrations and diagrams, the cover front and back, wrote the back-cover blurb and most (not all) of the advertising copy and did all the proof reading; we took care of the copy edit, typesetting, printing, storage and distribution.

The whole process took a year and a half, from November 2011 when we were first contacted to publication day in May 2013, although the one other thing we do know is that the text itself took shape over thirty years, with most of the writing done during the 1990s and 2000s.

Finally, there's the question of what exactly it is that we have helped reach the bookshelves: although it has been classified as Modern And Contemporary Fiction, whether the result is actually fantasy or reality, well that (and perhaps more so than for anything else we've ever helped publish) is for you, its reader, to decide.

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