Troubador The Eternal Bridge Over the River Innocence

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Released: 13/03/2014

eISBN: 9781783066407

Format: eBook

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The Eternal Bridge Over the River Innocence


This shocking and brutal novel from Aimen Dean tells the story of what happens to young, bright and decent Muslims who fall prey to radical violent forces. The Eternal Bridge Over the River Innocence mixes fact with fiction to reveal what sets these victims on the path of suicidal destruction.The novel follows Hanni, a half-Saudi, half-English teenager who joins the Jihad at the age of 16. He embarks on a military journey that is both reckless and dangerous; a journey to the heart of radical Islam…The mass murder and rape of women and children in Bosnia move Hanni profoundly and strengthen his beliefs. He is soon befriended by a senior member of al-Qaeda and persuaded to work undercover for them in the UK. Faced with the distraction of an American girlfriend, he is suddenly forced to re-evaluate his commitment to the cause, but the fateful events of 9/11 shake him back into his old loyalty to al-Qaeda – and the possibility of a suicide mission..

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