Troubador The Dreamhunter's Diaries

Released: 28/03/2016

ISBN: 9781784624187

Format: Paperback

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The Dreamhunter's Diaries


A?satirical mirror of leading politicians and the national media, to enable them to see their grotesque image... Following on from Johnny?Reynold’s first satirical novel The Big Pipedream Society, The?Dreamhunter’s Diaries is a socio-political and quasi-economical satirical farce that makes reference to real-life situations. It focuses on the ludicrousness of the ruling establishment and the state-governed media. Written in the spirit of Jon Steward, the book was borne out of Johnny’s opinion that David Cameron and Ed Milliband are both equally politically irresponsible and too petty-minded to be seen as trustworthy statesmen and qualified politicians. Johnny also wrote the book in response to his anguish and despair at seeing Britain – the country that he has always been deeply committed to – in a state of decline. He has observed, with sorrow, the dignified institution of the monarchy reduce itself to a show and tourist curiosity. “The moral downfall of the institution of chuch, which in my early times was seen as a pillar of ethical standards worth following, no longer exists,”?he notes. These observations have all been woven into The Dreamhunter’s Diaries. The book will appeal to those who enjoy reading about important social and political issues and who read and enjoyed Johnny’s first book, The Big Pipedream Society.

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