Troubador The Descent

Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784621780

Format: Paperback

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The Descent


The Descent is the story of a woman who, crushed by a devastating separation, sets off on an inner journey to discover her true self, her heart, and free it from its shields, shackles and chains to be able to live her life fully, with joy and passion. Sophia is guided by her dreams. When she experiences her entire life crashing down around her, she finds herself buried under debris, mud and darkness. She crawls her way deeper into the darkness, to find what is hidden there. Each chapter begins with a dream, image and sometimes internal bodywork, followed by meaning, understanding and real life events and feelings around what is happening. Sophia, guided by her dreams, peels layer after layer of abuse-driven protection and barriers, unblocking constrictions and delving deep into darkness and pain to find the innermost beauty of a shining soul, trapped under many layers of protection, self-hate, guilt and fear, created from suffering to provide self-defence. Her dreams reveal the truth about herself, helping her understand who she truly is. She starts to understand her truth and her hidden unconscious. Sophia is drawn down into investigating her shadow, curious about what is hidden there, desiring to live a more fulfilled, aware, whole and happy life. What she encounters is at times surprising and heartbreaking, at times hopeful and joy-releasing. Discovering what has been hidden leads her to a new life, full of joy and understanding, compassion and forgiveness, contentment and peace. The Descent is written in a way that shows how dreams can lead us, how their symbolism can be interpreted and how they can be used to help guide us in our lives. It is a fascinating read for those who are feeling lost in life, as well as anyone who enjoys the story of an ordinary woman’s discovery of herself.

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Gonca Alban

Gonca is a senior yoga teacher, somatic experiencing therapist and a published writer of three novels. Her hope is to inspire people to dig deep into who they are, what makes them shine and how to find meaning and happiness in life and to help heal old wounds.

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