Troubador The Demon Road

Released: 01/06/2012

ISBN: 9781780881683

Format: Paperback

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The Demon Road

A Theory Test Novel


Imagine what would happen if your inner voices could materialise and interact with the world around you, changing shape and acting on their own will at the very time you needed to be at your most focused. Imagine if every antic, every argument, and every mishap these voices led you into was actually imprinting on your memory powerful visual associations ready to be recalled with ease as you walked into your driving theory test well equipped to pass with flying colours the first time. Imagine no more.

Red, Green, and Amber are three specialist drivers prepared to do whatever it takes to become the driver for The Big Boss’s next job. They don’t yet know what the job is, but Big Boss has promised the cargo will be priceless. First, they must compete against each other in a gruelling two day round-the-country road race until three become one.

‘The rules of engagement are simple. Avoid speeding fines, parking tickets... in fact, any violation that could draw attention to yourselves. If you are arrested at any point along the way, your participation in the interview process will end there.’ Red suspected he was going to have a problem with all of the above.

With every aspect of the theory test invisibly woven into each scene, The Demon Road packs a genuinely memorable punch and delivers an explosive twist ending. It has been written with anyone studying to drive and pass their theory test in mind but is a must read for anybody driving on UK roads today. Author Richard reads widely, but is most inspired by the surreal writings of Haruki Murakami and Natsuo Kirino.

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