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Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783061778

Format: Paperback

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The Cure


Kill or Cure? An encounter with Eric, a young man severely disabled by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), prompts Dr Ray Shepherd to join the famous neurologist, Professor Gerard Carter, to study new treatments. Ray’s relationship with Carter is uneasy from the outset. Early in their animal studies, genetically modified mice are exposed in error to prions, the cause of mad cow disease. To his amazement, Ray discovers that this reverses the nerve damage caused by MS. Faced with a potential miracle cure, the team plans a clinical trial in humans.

Recruiting for the trial, Ray encounters the heart breaking stories of all kinds of people dying of this awful disease. As the trial progresses, some make a spectacular physical recovery while others continue to deteriorate. However, severe behavioural and psychotic symptoms begin to appear in some of the responders. Carter, who is negotiating a multi-million dollar deal to develop the treatment, demands that Ray falsifies their clinical records, removing reference to these problems, and threatens to destroy Ray’s career if he does not comply. While Ray tries to gather evidence to expose Carter as a fraud, the terrible consequences of the psychotic side effects unfold in the most dramatic way…

Dealing with the discovery of a potential cure for multiple sclerosis, this novel leads you into the world of laboratory animal research and human clinical trials. David J Godden’s real life experience gives an insider’s view of the consequences of medical research

Recorded an interview for Talk Radio Europe Book Programme on Jan 7th - due for broadcast in next month or so.

Nice review of The Cure and an author interview in the January Edition of Access Magazine (see press section)

Presentation tomorrow (Tues Jan 14th) to Nairn Rotary Club on writing science and fiction

Warm welcome at forWORDS, the Forres Writers Group on 11th Feb. Thanks to all for stimulating discussion about the Cure and other writing.

The Cure is now featuring on the University of Edinburgh February Alumni Bookshelf (

Discussed "The Cure" yesterday (Sept 7th) at Nairn Book and Arts Festival

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This work of fiction pulls the reader into a Very Real World of believable characters and circumstance, with ease, from cover to cover.
Hope and Horror walk hand in hand through the pages propelled by D J Goddon's talent for authentic dialogue, used with economy, ringing true at every turn.
His narrative works on more than one level, from an entertaining 'what done it?' story telling perspective to a thoroughly informed, compassionate and gritty study of the psychology and ethics involved in chronic health conditions and medical research.
Thoroughly recommended!

by Irene Ross

I absolutely loved this book but I have to say I am a little biased. I am a doctor myself and have worked in medical research during my career. I can strongly assure any reader that the context of the story is perfectly accurate and beautifully explained. On top of that the descriptions of the patients and what they go through is authentic and vivid. So, after setting the scene, the author then makes the plot move on with all the suspense of a good murder-mystery. I read it in one sitting like you would do with an Agatha Christie novel and even resisted the temptation of looking to the last page to see what happens.

by Kevin Jones

In “the Cure” we follow Eric who is disabled due to a diagnosis of MS. This is something I can relate to as I have a disease that is similar. So, when Dr. Ray Shepherd joins together with another neurologist to study treatments for MS we see how Ray and Carter (the other neuro) grew. They looked at Mice and how they play roles in medication to reverse nerve damage and they hope to use the trial on humans to see how physical recovery takes place and we see how Eric wants to be a part of the study. Although the study does work there are some things that come forward such as behavior and psychotic episode and we can see how the side effects are huge and yet they want to go through with the trial. People are getting well and those are just something on the side. It is a book that I found interesting and as a clinical trial patient I understood a lot of what was happening. I wish that this would have had a bit more to it as way of story but overall it was very interesting and intriguing.

by Heather Sowalla

Enjoyable story. Felt during the first part of the book that I was back studying psychology!
I was expecting more in the way of psychotic behaviour following the active injections, but then again I am a lover of Gore!

by Helen Painter

David J Godden

David J Godden practised medicine in the UK. He undertook many laboratory studies and clinical trials and, as a clinical professor, directed a successful academic research unit. He has published and lectured widely in North America and Europe. He left clinical research in 2011 to pursue interests in travel and music, and to write fiction designed to entertain while offering the reader an insider’s view into the world of medical research. He lives in the Scottish Highlands.

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