Troubador The Creators - 2

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788033114

eISBN: 9781788030083

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Creators - 2

Flight to Destruction


In July 1973, Pete has been developing the business of Pat O’Donnell’s company in Spain. He returns to the UK with a secret that is worth a fortune to those who know it – that on October 6th, war will again break out in the Middle East. He meets again many of those he knew in Cambridge, makes new friends, and finds a new partner. He crosses swords with Harry Tamfield, who now leads a property company. The war is followed by oil and coal shortages and the three day week. Against this background, Pete helps some friends to sort out their personal lives. They take the first step to going into business together, through setting up Creators Technology. Pete’s friend Carol Milverton stands in the General Election of February 1974, and he spots how to give her a chance of winning, at the expense of Harry. In the course of that, Pete appears on TV for the first time. But giving and taking chances has its risks. Harry discovers how Pete’s secret has been used. His return from Spain with this news would be hugely destructive – not just for Pete and his friends, but for the whole of Britain. Pete finds himself directing the Spanish police in a manhunt, but in the end success comes only through quite unforeseen tragedy. After a memorable day, Pete and his friends have come to understand themselves, and each other, better. He goes on, alone.

Part 2 'Flight to Destruction' has many messages for today. It is set just after the UK entered Europe and features a dodgy MP against the background of oil shortages and miners' industrial action which put the country onto a three day week. Then 'Mr Heath's general election gamble fails', as The Times put it. But the narrator and his friends have plenty of fun as they find out more about each other.

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Colin Myerscough

I am retired from a career which started in academic life and then moved through industry and the civil service, ending as a trade union officer. I have lived through the times of the three novels forming 'The Creators', which I have written as J M Collin. Part 1 'Road to Nowhere' is set in 1967-68, Part 2 'Flight to Destruction' is set in 1973-74, and Part 3 'The Turnaround' is set in 1979-82.

See Chapter 3 for the reference to Manet
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