Troubador The Confirmation

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788035736

eISBN: 9781788030694

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Confirmation


It is 1990. Annie is a 31 year old Scottish lawyer living in Edinburgh’s New Town and at the centre of a tight group of friends: Kirsty, from Galloway farming stock and her husband Duncan, a bordering alcoholic lawyer, who never quite measures up in his father’s eyes, and Virginia and her husband Gordon, living a bohemian life in fashionable Stockbridge with a passion for sustainable living. Annie’s father left the family home when she was a teenager, leaving Annie feeling abandoned and unwanted. As a result she spurns any opportunity for love and resists change to her safe and ordered life. At the same time she remains fearful that she could end up like her increasingly embittered mother. When she meets her friends’ new neighbour, James, she finds him attractive but is fearful of commitment. He is 10 years older, a slightly irascible and frustrated senior civil servant with a passion for political change. Annie begins to understand his convictions in particular the importance of land, connectivity and a feeling of place. His unfolding caring and compassionate nature begins to tear down her defences and they fall in love. But will Annie’s desire to keep her life ordered, and stable, end up sabotaging her happiness? Over the course of the next fifteen years, she will confront a series of challenges and find out what really matters.

The Confirmation is L G Dicksons first novel and her second, A Quiet Wife is now available in paperback. The beautiful city of Edinburgh provides the backdrop to her writing in which she explores how women in particular deal with significant, life changing events. Sounds awfully serious but she is also keen to inject warmth and humour into her writing !

The Scots Magazine

This is the kind of book that grows on you. The story begins with Annie in her apartment, locked away from the world, wanting nothing but to get lost in her grief and you cannot help but ask, who died?

The story then takes us back in time to her friends, work, childhood and also to James. James is the reserved man who is not keen on social gatherings when they first meet for dinner at Kirsty and Duncan's place. As you read on, Annie warms up to him and their friendship morphs into love, trust, understanding and they become this close knit couple who not only care for each other but understand each other.

The pace was very slow for me in the beginning. I expected a quick turn of events into knowing Annie's source of grief but it seems that the author wanted to delve into more than just grief but also get me to understand Annie's personality and her relationship with those dearest to her. I'll admit, I couldn't stand Kirsty and Virginia in the first half of the story, but trust me, I don't know what changed towards the end, but I found myself warming up to Kirsty. We'll leave Virginia out of this conversation indefinitely.

I received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I'd recommend it readers of fiction because the author peels the layers of each character in this book such that you find yourself seeing and believing each one of them at whichever point in the story for being true to themselves.

by Dora Archie Okeyo

I loved this novel. After a slow start, the style reminded me a little of William Nicholson. This was an exploration of character and relationships - friendships, family and romantic - and the positives and negatives they bring. The end brought the novel full circle with both beauty and pathos. Thanks Netgalley for introducing me to this author!

by Amy Jones

I very much enjoyed the Edinburgh setting for The Confirmation. The contemporary storyline reflected modern living - including the nature of close-knit friendships and the support these provide. There were elements of surprise to the tale. Altogether, un-put-downable.

by Amazon review

I bought this a while ago and put it in our kindle family library. My wife read it first, and I found her crying in bed for, she assured me, all the right reasons. Now I've finally read it myself I find I thoroughly enjoyed it. Living in Edinburgh, the sense of place is great, but beyond that, this is a touching story of a woman seeking stability and connection who must learn to deal with the changes life throws at her. Highly recommended.

by Amazon reviewer

Lynne  Dickson

L G Dickson retired in 2015 after a thirty plus year career in local and central government as a policy adviser / speechwriter. She joined Skriva writing school in Edinburgh shortly after retiring and published her first novel with Matador in November 2017. She loves all things literary particularly books that reference her home city. Muriel Spark and Alexander McCall Smith in particular. Persephone books are also a favourite but if pushed she would choose To Kill a Mockingbird as her all time favourite read.

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