Troubador The Captain Loves Caviar

Chilli Kippen Port FM

Released: 28/07/2015

ISBN: 9781784622695

eISBN: 9781784629731

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Captain Loves Caviar

A Goldfarb Adventure


On the surface Antonio Peppos, better know as Peppe, seems pleasant and willing to oblige – the perfect manservant – but all is not as it seems. The cabin steward to a group of A list passengers on board the five star cruise ship Pacific Belle, Peppe is headed to Singapore with a secret agenda… There is something about Peppe, but who can put their finger on it? When it comes to masterminding plots, he’s not alone! It seems the only innocents on board are the unsuspecting passengers – Alexander Pushkin Goldfarb, an eccentric Jewish gambler from New York, included. In an upstairs-downstairs glimpse at cruising, the passengers get much more than they bargained for on this trip of a lifetime. The Captain Loves Caviar is a capricious, whimsical read with a highly developed sense of the absurd that transports the reader on a journey to an astonishing and unpredictable ending. Chilli Kippen has created an authentic list of eccentric and sophisticated characters that will delight the reader with their hilarious Machiavellian antics.

Plans are in place to release an Audible version of The Captain Loves Caviar read by British Actor Paul Sullivan, (A video is about to appear on Youtube and my website featuring veteran actor of stage and screen Lewis Fiander reading chapter 34, A Waking Ship)
Comic novels can be whimsical or delightful or absurd or just plain funny. Rarely are they all these things. The Captain Loves Caviar is…I loved reading it. I loved its craziness! Howard Albrecht publisher Funny Stuff From the Crazy Gang. Hollywood.USA. Author of See You In Nairobi.

So hilarious! A riotous romp that’s sharply intelligent and refreshingly zany.
Selena Summers, author of Feng Shui in Five Minutes.

Read three chapters, and laughed out loud many times. How clever you are. The description of the characters is delicious...

by Sheri D - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

We couldn't stop laughing about your book. It was one of those laughs that you lose your breath and I’m just now trying to work out which bit. It will come to me today xx

by Wendy G, Lake Como, Italy

You keep your readers guessing, which is a good way to have ‘em.
Adored the albatross, what a great and unexpected beginning. Will he feature any more, I am wondering?

Just love some of your phrases. Not so sure about some of the characters as yet, especially as I am (believe it not) somewhat squeamish about body parts, fluids etc. —As for the rest, I keep seeing (even dreaming about) what a wonderful adult animated film it would make. Who to make? George Lucas?
Overall, congratulations, Chilli, on with the next one.

by Patricia H – Sydney, Australia

This book is terrific!!! And, it would make a GREAT movie---one kind of in the Grand Budapest Hotel genre, only this one on the sea.

by Rene S – Malibu, USA

Chilli Kippen

Chilli Kippen was born in Great Britain but had made Australia home. She was widely read as a features and travel writer for major magazines in Australia before turning her hand to writing comedy. She has made documentary films and written feature films in Hollywood and Australia. Chilli lives with her husband and their three beloved King Charles Spaniels. They divide their time in Australia between Victoria and Queensland.

The Illustrator

Chilli was fortunate to find the perfect illustrator for The Captain Loves Caviar – A Goldfarb Adventure - Her wonderful illustrations capture the dark humor and sophistication of Chilli’s writing style. Aylie McDowall is an award winning illustrator, fashion designer and web designer (she was design assistant to acclaimed Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan before launching out on her own) Aylie has worked in Japan, Hong Kong, Great Britain and Berlin. Her time spent in Asia has had a profound effect on the way she works, in her use of line, color and composition. Aylie now works from her studio in the tropical north of Australia.

Chilli Kippen, Australian Humorist

Nominated for the Bollinger, Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction
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